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  1. Cold laminate is a thing. Also, fake vax cards are easy to make. So easy that some of the real ones are printed on regular paper and not card stock as one might expect. The handwriting is sometimes illegible. They don't all feature the CDC logo (like Walgreens). When I got my first shot, my insurance information and primary care provider information was taken. I imagine this would be used to create a medical record. Are the states doing the same thing? I don't know. I seriously doubt the cards will be useful for anything other than posting on social media. T
  2. We don't need facts in the land where people seem to believe that CDC stands for Cruise Decision Center -- as if there is nothing else on their plate.
  3. If you're referring to his use of the term "jingoism" -- I don't know that I would characterize that as a personal insult as much as an observation -- one I tend to agree with. Certainly you could rebut that, though, rather than bail out of a debate you were clearly losing, no?
  4. Would you please stop saying "dead in the water"? At anchor or using dynamic positioning does not mean "dead in the water".
  5. And it appears one of the many stoic Covid deniers has never left. Screw the numbers, right?
  6. Which is stupid. Because "as soon as it is safe" to resume cruising would mean that the PVSA no longer needs to be suspended, repealed, waived, or altered. Unless, of course, one operates under the assumption that the Canadian government are a bunch of morons who don't know what they're doing and shouldn't be deciding what 'murcia does. If it's not safe to bring a ship to Victoria, then it's not safe to bring a ship to Juneau. Period. COVID doesn't care about borders and COVID doesn't care about political views.
  7. I wonder how long that list is so far...
  8. There are way too many people with opinions who are not qualified to have them compared to the number of people with opinions who are qualified to have them. Sigh indeed.
  9. Necro'd a five year old thread about shaving. Jeez.
  10. Still doesn't make it right. Jones Act is Jones Act and PVSA is PVSA. Shame on Cruise Critic for getting that wrong. I notice the article you mentioned appears to have been taken down, but cached here. I think that when one discussing potential waivers or suspension of policies, accuracy is best, don't you agree?
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