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  1. You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own set of "facts". Yuge problem in this country. A 40+ year career engineer has already explained numerous times that a single balcony door left open impacts the system in a significant manner.
  2. Count on there being nose. Particularly when you won't be selecting your mini suite. There are a handful which are located under quiet(er) areas, and you can believe that those will have been directly booked. Your ability to tolerate noise is the question.
  3. You referred him to his own thread. Nice.
  4. No. I have little doubt that the fees are on a ship by ship contractual basis.
  5. That's ridiculous. The Jewel's systems are just fine. They do not need the "newest and greatest tv system" to watch football. The Jewel has been showing football since she left the shipyard in 2005. The ship pulls down a football game via satellite the same way it pulls down an old episode of Law and Order or a live broadcast of CNN. This is a licensing fee issue and nothing more.
  6. Yes. If the ship skips a port, you will (must?) receive a refund of those charges...typically refundable onboard credit in the amount of the applicable port fees.
  7. What does your Alaska cruise yesterday have to do with OP's December Caribbean cruise in regards to passports? What information is wrong in the thread?
  8. What kind of repairs do you suppose a four year old ship which just came out of extensive dry dock would need which would necessitate the closing of an entire restaurant for seven days? They could service the Haven restaurant from another galley. Might be a little inconvenient for the crew, but that's better than inconveniencing the passengers. Look at the example of this OP. They have stated they have some mobility issues and those issues are one of their drivers for booking the Haven... so they can remain within short distances of the services they paid for. Not that the pax should have to explain themselves, mind you. Another solution floated in this thread was to split the closing across two sailings. Might have made the pill a little easier to swallow. See that? There's two options right there, two reasonable options. And I'm just a dumb-dumb on Cruise Critic.
  9. This is why I love Cruise Critic. People speak with such authority on all matter of subjects. Yet here we have a perfect example which demonstrates that oftentimes people really have no idea what they're talking about, and just post for the sake of posting.
  10. Legal issues? Now you're just making stuff up. They ran with "Ultimate Beverage Package" for years. It was never "unlimited" -- people made up "unlimited" all on their own.
  11. Thank you. I don't normally use a TA, but have always assumed in the past that they would make payments on my behalf and I would pay them. Seems like an obvious problem when you think about it for a bit...
  12. How would you know until it was too late? Should one be looking for the deposit payment to show up as PRINCESS on their credit card activity, perhaps? Would it be a red flag if the deposit payment showed up as ABC-TRAVEL for example?
  13. DW and I slept out on the balcony once on the Norwegian Jewel. We had a forward suite. Large out there, big as a small bedroom. Anyway, used the robes for blankets and a towel and our hoodies for a pillow with the lounger propped up a bit. It was really nice. Until the window washing rig showed up above us on the bridge windows sometime around 2 or 3 AM, I'm guessing. Lovely surprise. Sleep inside. They don't want or expect people to be sleeping on the balcony.
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