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  1. There are pictures from May 2019 showing a CA cabin with no pillar. From what I can tell, I think the CC and CB’s have the pillar and the CA’s do not, but don’t know for sure. Is there a specific cabin number you are interested in? Also says this, “Category CA is 420 square feet, CB is 355 square feet, CD and CE are 269 square feet.”
  2. Here is a video link for a CB cabin 14796. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/youtube.php?id=11256
  3. We will be traveling next November on the Joy in a CA cabin. Some people have posted pictures and videos on this site of the CA, CB and CC cabins on deck 14. Hope this helps. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Joy
  4. I have been searching the deck plans (current and future) for a chapel on the Norwegian Joy, cant seem to find one. We are cruising next November and my daughter is looking to have her wedding ceremony on the Joy during one of the days at sea. If there is no chapel, what about a nice library or any other suggestions for a beautiful place on the ship for a wedding ceremony?
  5. We were on the POA last Dec in 13020, aft facing suite, overlooking pool. There was some noise from the pool deck, you can hear the bands that play down there. That did not bother us. Our biggest issue is that you could see into our cabin from the adjacent 13 and 14th deck. Especially at night with the lights on in our cabin. If you want privacy, you have to draw the curtains. That being said, the balcony is the same way. It’s a trade off, those suites (SE) are a bit bigger but less privacy. “Category SE cabins are 394 to 410 square feet with additional188 square foot balcony. Category SF cabins are from 299 to 306 square feet with additional 188 to 306 square foot balcony. Category SD is 880 square feet.”
  6. I saw the same and called my group reservation agent, we both played around with the web page and modifying our booking, even trying new ones. She filed a ticket with their IT to look at and confirmed this morning it is a glitch in the system. Some cruises are showing the past guest or Latitudes discount but mistake.
  7. Our family has a cruise booked for next year but also thinking about what our next adventure might be after that. In December while on PoA, they had a “Book your next cruise” desk (sorry, can’t remember the actual name). I did not save any of my daily fliers, but I think I remember them offering discounts or perks for booking your next cruise while on the current one. Can anyone provide their experience on this? Do you get a good discount or better price if you book while on the boat vs using the NCL web page or calling an agent after?
  8. I have seen where the Joy and Bliss are referenced as "sister" ships but it looks like the deck plans are a bit different. I find this site very helpful in trying to understand the cabin or deck plan layouts. From what I can see, deck 18 is different between the two ships but both show H5 cabins. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/member/Norwegian-Bliss https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/member/Norwegian-Joy
  9. Have you seen the review by Cindycruises2019? Doesn’t sound like a good experience. https://www.cruisecritic.com/norwegian-joy-deck-plans/dp/the-haven-family-villa-suite-with-balcony-ha/cc/
  10. We had the pre cruise hotel night at the Hilton. Upon check in we were slated for the Tapa tower. We asked if there was anything available in the rainbow tower with ocean view. I can’t remember the exact charge but we paid like $45.00 to upgrade to a wonderful ocean view room. Was well worth it for us. Great view of Diamondhead. We were also close to where the fireworks were on Friday night.
  11. Does anyone know if you can have guests with you for breakfast or lunch in La Cusina? In a few of the posts asking about if guests were ok in the Haven restaurants, they said yes but the guest had to pay and was very expensive. Didn’t know if the same applied here.
  12. Thanks for the tip - will absolutely do that.
  13. We are booked on the Joy, Nov 14th 2020 for an Eastern Caribbean and have Concierge suite 14778 with the angled balcony. Looks like a great cabin, more spacious than most. We are contemplating upgrading to a Haven but not sure if it’s worth it. We are traveling with a large group of family and don’t really care about having a “Haven only” courtyard or restaurant. That would make it harder for all the family to visit and meet up. We did a suite on NCL Pride Dec 2019 and loved the priority on/off, reserved seating section for shows, Cagney’s for breakfast and the larger cabin/bath. We didn’t use the butler service, but the concierge was great on helping with excursions and what to do. Can anyone help confirm a few things? Website says priority embarkation and disembarkation, does this also apply to getting off/on the boat at each port? I saw a comment that there is a Haven line for getting off at the ports, can concierge use it as well? Concierge cabin gets breakfast and lunch at a private restaurant? Is there a reserved seating section for shows? I read they fill up quickly and are hard to get into. Website says “and special perks” – what else is there? For reference, we are thinking about one of the Aft facing Haven suites with the large balcony and separate living room to maybe entertain some of the family, sit out on the balcony as we sail in/out of ports. The view from pictures looks great but never had an aft corner before, not sure if it is noisy from the propellers? Thanks in advance for any and all information!
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