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  1. We had a cabin a few doors down last month, we didn't hear any noise from the wheelhouse bar, we did take ear plugs just in case.
  2. The chocolate mousse, pecan pie and carrot cake are all delicious. Eldest child loves the cookies, especially when he gets one of each type 🙄
  3. Hi OP Most cruise lines have a choice of breakfast options. Room service, main buffet, MDR and some have a "grab & go" or a limited selection in a small cafe in the atrium (typically). I dont know which cruise ship you are on so cant give any specifics. Room service is obviously convenient but in our experience it sometimes arrives later than booked. Main buffet can be the easiest option, lots of choice and it can be quick as most items are already prepared. MDR can be the most relaxed but can often take longer as you order and have waiter service (we only do MDR breakfast when we have nothing planned to do early in the morning). The "grab & go" or small cafe option is very quick, but limited choice, typically wraps, filled croissants and muffins (but some have granola, fruit etc). I'm sure you wont have any problem choosing somewhere for breakfast no matter which cruise line.
  4. We are waiting for them too, need school holidays. I have been searching for no fly cruises for August 2021, so far there are only a few Princess cruises available.
  5. The goats cheese souffle is delicious. Always order the chocolate journeys dessert. And the four cheese pizza slice was so good this summer.
  6. Ours came with the hole already punched in. Princess gave all passengers a cruise card already hole punched at check in. This was on the sapphire princess earlier this month. Princess shops were selling lanyards of course 😉. The children's club made lanyards on the first evening during family time.
  7. On our recent Princess cruise, about 2weeks ago, there were a lot of large family groups on anytime dining. We used a different dining room each night and saw a number of tables for groups of 8-10. We also saw staff moving the smaller square tables for four together to accommodate a larger group. We did speak to one cruiser who was in a family group of 12, on our cruise Princess had difficulty providing a table for 12, so they had two tables for 6. He was impressed with how short wait times were.
  8. P&O (UK) Arcadia has single cabins and has a British Isles cruise in 2020 Cunards Queen Victoria has single cabins and has a British Isles cruise in 2020
  9. We did anytime dining as it suits us better with the children.
  10. We read on the princess website about the balcony not being able to be used when upper bunk bed is in use. We haven't had a balcony cabin on Princess, we always used to have a suite or mini-suite and then we didn't have the issue of upper bunk. The bed rails on the upper bunk are just at the side and not all the way across, has a gap between the bed sides to put the ladder. There isn't a bed side barrier or bars at the top or bottom of the bed, eldest child kept knocking the pillows off the bed. The space was tight, but we managed. I don't know if you can find videos on YouTube with upper bunk bed down to show balcony access.
  11. Just come back from a week long Norway cruise. We hadn't cruised with Princess for about 9 year's and despite reading lots on the cc forum about the more relaxed dress code I massively overpacked and we didn't wear most of the clothes I had taken for the evening. On non-formal nights majority of passengers wore jeans and tops, some gym wear. Lots in thick jumper's as it was cold! Those who wore dressier clothes were in the minority. One night whilst waiting for show to start in theatre I counted three men in shirt and tie. Most had casual shirts, Polo shirt or t-shirts with jeans or Chino's. On the two formal nights, less than a quarter of the men were in suits and tie, and only a handful of women in long or cocktail dresses. On formal nights in the MDR there were men in Chino's and polo shirt, most had on open neck shirts. We like to make a bit of an effort and we don't have to worry about luggage restrictions so we did take dark suit and sparkly tops, cocktail dresses.
  12. Anytime dining suits us very well, at lunch and dinner we request a table just for our family as the children would get restless if meal times took too long, with just us we can set the pace to suit us. Last week (on Sapphire) we only had to wait once, and that was for less than 3 minutes whilst they manoeuvred to mobility scooters. All the other times we were seated immediately, we did request a certain waiter in one of the dining rooms and if he had a free table they did accommodate our request. We did share a table at breakfast as the service is more set up to serving you in small family groups so the meal wasn't prolonged. We met some very interesting people when sharing a table, and unlike traditional dinning if you don't like them you don't have an entire cruise with them ( or they don't like you 😁). In previous cruises (when with extended family) we have had small waits and on a rare occasion needed a pager, but the wait was never long enough to order and finish a drink.
  13. last week on Sapphire Princess - on embarkation day a staff member was walking around throughout the day in the bars, plaza and horizon court wearing crab/lobster headdress and a crab shack apron, she had information and was taking reservations. We saw her a number of times on the first day but as two of family members have shellfish allergy we didn't pay much attention. She was quite noticeable in her outfit.
  14. Have a fantastic time, we got off the Sapphire yesterday and miss it.
  15. We did similar itinerary to Land of Midnight Sun a ten years ago on the Crown Princess, loved it so much we have just done the Norwegian Fjords on Sapphire Princess. Really enjoyed both cruises, both were in "summer" the first was very hot, shorts and sunhat weather, last week was cold and wet - fleece and waterproofs! If you are considering the Midnight Sun- Flam, Tromso, Honisvag and Trondheim are some of my favourite ports. The North cape botanical gardens is beautiful. Bergen is great for souvenirs. Norway is expensive but we typically do our own tours, the scenery is spectacular - even our 12 year old appreciated it. If you are considering Norway and Scandinavia - again the ports are lovely, Oslo is a fascinating city. We like Crown Princess (reminded us of the first princess ship we sailed on - Golden Princess)
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