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  1. Is this one of those things that they offer, but not on the website? I’ve tried to do a mock booking with a 2 YO and they limit you to quad rooms.
  2. Some people do buy a lightweight car seat for travel. The Cosco Scenera Next is a favorite - lightweight, does great in crash tests, cheap enough (about $40) that it won’t break your heart if something happens to it. A 1 year old should fit perfectly.
  3. The Chacchoben Ruins are less than an hour away, and definitely interesting if you need a break from the beaches. We took a tour with Native Choice and enjoyed it.
  4. My cruise planner has it for $39, but doesn’t seem to be charging gratuities.
  5. Keep your itinerary in mind, too. If you have few sea days and plan to spend a lot of time in port, it might make sense to spend your money there instead. I believe the drink packages are good on Royal’s private islands, but they won’t get you cocktails in Cancun or rum in Jamaica. On on the other hand, if you’re spending a lot of time by the pool on the ship, you might go through a lot of poolside drinks.
  6. We have a Grace Modes jogger, which (I think) is roughly the same size as the FastAction. I love it, but the size makes it a pain to maneuver through crowds, and it takes up a ton of floor space. We picked up a decent umbrella stroller for our cruise with a one year old last year, and I can’t imagine trying to push a jogger through tight hallways. Plus, our kiddo tended to fall asleep in the stroller at that age, and I am not sure that we could have parked two adults and a giant stroller in our cabin without waking up the baby. I would highly recommend you test drive a few umbrell
  7. We went tandem parasailing in Cozumel last year. It’s a little bit weather-dependant, but the views are great and it wouldn’t be weird to have a photographer on the boat for pictures. Or or you could ask him to wait for you at the bottom of one of the big water slides. Imagine his face when you emerge holding up a laminated “Will you marry me?” sign. Real privacy can be tough to come by, but you might be able to set something quirky in one of the lesser-used rooms, especially with the help of an accomplice. A scrabble message in the game room?
  8. Are you focusing on the bigger ships? Those do come with a bigger price tag.
  9. Have you looked at the Voyager class? The Explorer has some Southern Caribbean itineraries, and you still get the Flowrider, ice skating, that kind of thing.
  10. I don’t think of them as handling waves well - it’s easy for a small child to have waves go over their head, or to tip over. I assume you’ll be right there, and could get the baby upright before anything happened, but it wouldn’t be fun. People do talk about the wind or the waves to pulling a baby in a floatie away from you. It’s not going to happen as long as you have a hand on the kiddo, but you need to be more vigilant than you would in a pool. For me, it wouldn’t be worth it, but my kid also isn’t crazy about them. If you think you might want to use it and it doesn
  11. Looks like you have a pretty comprehensive list. It is a lot, but at least the clothes are small. My kiddo didn’t go through anywhere near that much formula at that age, but she was also very enthusiastic about solids. You know your kid best, and it’s definitely better to have extra than to run out. I would add: - a little thing of Vaseline and probe covers for the thermometer - a whole bunch of ziplock bags for taking snacks from the buffet, wet clothes, an occasional dirty diaper, etc. - baby monitor. Extra batteries if it uses them. - a p
  12. What cruise line/itinerary are you taking? Will you be flying to port, or driving?
  13. I would be worried that the promenade rooms would be loud for sleeping kiddos. Those rooms look right down on several of the bars, and that area gets rowdy. I haven’t stayed in one - maybe someone else can comment on the soundproofing for the Adventure? They did did seem like they would be fun. You might be able to catch some music and people watch. Not as relaxing as an exterior balcony, but maybe more interesting than staring out at the dark at night.
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