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  1. Thank you for your service. I taught for over 20 years prior to becoming a minister. Teaching during Covid-19 protocols adds some interesting layers to the profession. A couple of students in our town saw one of their teachers in a restaurant this week. After two months of only seeing her with a mask on in class, one of the students commented, "So that is what she looks like!" A lot is lost with only eye expressions and not being able to observe the entire face during conversations.
  2. She seems to be able to bring life to any subject she presents.
  3. As a school teacher, I found it interrupted my insruction time to have so many drills and scenarios practiced (fire drills, earthquake drills, active shooter drills, etc.) but when we had an earthquake in February of 2001, all of the students knew what to do and nobody panicked until the parents showed up. Some of the drills included the assumption that we were isolated from the outside world and had to fend for ourselves for up to a couple of weeks. We had food and water stored in various locations, an outside infirmary location, even a morgue. We practiced sweeping the building in an orderly fashion after going to the gathering place because some students had been 'hidden' and didn't make it to the meeting place as we exited. Certain entrances and hallways were marked as impassable during the sweep and we had to adjust to unknown routes and still cover the entire school grounds. Like @chengkp75 said, real experience will differ from whatever drill and practice takes place. The closer the drill can be to replicating a true emergency, the better prepared a group of people will be. Maybe every cruise should have a practice fire drill or some other scenario just to make the cruisers more prepared.
  4. April of 2018 we visited Nassau on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  5. When you board you have time to go to your muster station with your key-card and check in (no crowds) and then watch the video on the television regarding muster stations. Simple and efficient.
  6. Stopped in Coquimbo on the Zaandam in 2019. Loved the Cruz del Tercer Milenio (Third Millennium Cross). We didn't see any tours that interested us that day, so just did a walk about through the town and up the steep hill to the cross. We went up into the cross and saw the museum that is located in the cross-bars. There is a chapel under the cross and numerous sculptures situated all around the grounds at the cross. One of the wild dogs that were so prevalent around town seemed to be guarding one of the sculpture scenes, but I think she was actually watching over her puppies that were behind the sculpture.
  7. I took "Cookbook Launch Day" to mean that we launch our excess cookbooks. Maybe they can go with William Shatner on Jeff Bezos' rocket, or you can get a catapult and launch your unused cookbooks into the abyss.
  8. When we dined at the Tamarind we were also given a menu for Nami Sushi, in case we wanted any add-on items.
  9. They seemed to have salmon most nights, but it was Alaska. The Fresh Market seafood option seemed to be a different type of fish every night. I never ordered it, but my SIL had it a couple times because she prefers not to eat red meat. I don't remember what type of fish was offered, because I found other items on the menu that interested me more.
  10. I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and the extent of my cultural experience prior to moving to Maine only included west coast travel (Vancouver, BC, to Tijuana, Mexico). Maine was like a fun, foreign country experience for me. I learned that chowder wasn't just about the clams. There was also corn chowder, fish chowder, and all sorts of other variations of chowder, including Spam chowder. Another strange experience was learning that a 'milkshake' didn't have ice cream in it. Apparently, if you desire ice cream you have to order a frappe. Who knew?
  11. I don't drink coffee or any alcohol, so the drink package wasn't really worth much to me. I think my DW and I may have consumed up to six drinks in a day between us. That said, I did see some people consume five or six coffees before breakfast. You could get a drink and a bottle of water at each meal without being overindulgent. That only leaves two or three extra drinks throughout the day at various music venues. Add a milkshake or two and a smoothie, and you are over your fifteen limit.
  12. Try this: Holland America Line Navigator on Windows PC Download Free - 3.3.0 - com.hollandamerica.navigator.moapp (appsonwindows.com)
  13. You are still pretty young 🙂 While technically it was not a hurricane, the Columbus Day storm of 1962 would have been classified as a hurricane if had been in a different location in the world. Because of where the storm developed, it was classified as a typhoon. Columbus Day Storm of 1962 - Wikipedia
  14. The luxury all-inclusive boat that held up to eight passengers was great. The naturalist and pilot were both quite knowledgeable about whales and about the area. It was worth the $359.95 each.
  15. Many of the new hires do not live in Seattle area because they are working remotely. I have no idea if this applies to the phone message. Wonder if 'Sam' is interfering with any HAL employees?
  16. Back in my college days I worked graveyard at a 7-11 in Saugus, CA. One night I started hearing loud popping, like gunshots almost. One of the coolers had gone out and instead of cooling the products it was heating them. Lost about 20 bottles of wine that night before I figured out what was going on and moved the rest into the walk-in cooler.
  17. I think the Spam Museum should be in Hawaii instead of in Austin, MN.
  18. The New York Strip Steak was available every night in the MDR on the NA last week.
  19. We were able to dock at Icy Strait Point last week. We only missed Sitka. Maybe the port fees for Skagway are the same as those for Icy Strait Point and they cancelled each other out.
  20. Two of our suitcases measure 27X18X11 inches. They fit fine under the bed with plenty of clearance.
  21. I was told by a passenger that was doing Back-to-Back-to-Back cruises on the NA that she was tested on the boat at no cost to her and results were almost immediate. I am reporting this as second hand knowledge or hearsay only. No first hand experience.
  22. Sitka was cancelled this week with no replacement port, just another sea day. If you haven't been to Skagay it can be interesting.
  23. Here is the Sunrise in Seattle today from Nieuw Amsterdam balcony 6105:
  24. Last night, out of curiosity, I asked the waiter in the MDR if I could order a milkshake. He said, "Of course you can! We have many flavors what would you like?" He then explained that they could make almost any fruit flavor or combination of fruit flavors, cookies and cream, Nutello, and some others. I had a delicious banana milkshake in the MDR, covered under the drink package. I really think HAL has consistently dropped the ball when letting passengers know what is available. It is like you have to ask for things you don't think they would have and then they can magically appear.
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