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  1. I canceled 2 cruises. The one I canceled in Feb right before the shyt hit the fan was refunded right away I was surprised how fast it was. The one I canceled around March 13th, well, still waiting. I Both were canceled before final payment due and I had refundable deposits on both. No FCC or special process necessary.
  2. I bought back when it was 40 something. 😭 Still if CCL survives I think it's a good buy. But I'd want a few more weeks of not months to be sure. For me at least it will neutralize my bad buy at 40 a little.
  3. With the rise of social media traditional message boards are losing popularity. i like messages boards though be cause I get more diverse and honest feedback here than from articles.
  4. Thank you, Bob! One further question, I didnt use credit card, instead I used OBC through the cruise planner to pay for the drink packages and excursions. Will OBC be refunded like cash or credit card payment too? I would like to use refunded obc for gratuities and other things. TIA!
  5. I got a cruise booked for 2 of us and we have drink packages and excursions booked. Got good prices for both. However there is a possibility my cruise companion can't make it due to family reasons. In which case, will the second drink package and second excursion cost be refunded? TIA
  6. What @MechE31said. 1cpp is what I consider the base redemption rate for most points and miles. It is not bad but you should always try to beat it.
  7. That's a redemption rate of 1cpp. Not bad but you might do better saving the points for flights. 😎
  8. Aug 28th? You have 2 weeks. If you have good credit score and a bank account and good relation with Bank of America you have a good chance to make the NCL credit card idea work. Bank of America is the issuer of almost all cruise line credit cards. If you decide to apply, apply early. Even with instant approval it may take 5 to 7 business days to receive the card. Even though BOA is known to give out card numbers immediately after approval and before sending out the physical card you can only use the number with merchants who don't need the security code. I am not 100% sure but I think NCL requires the security code.
  9. 5/24 is an unwritten Chase rule that limits how many Chase credit cards you can have. Basically you cannot have 5 or more new cards within 24 months. There are currently great bonuses out there that I can't get due to the rule. They also have a bunch of other less restrictive rules. If you are hoping to open new Chase cards it's best to close some old ones that are not used.
  10. I am going to guess you are way above 5/24 by now. 😱I i got piles of offers in the mails but sitting at 4/24 I don't dare to do anything. My credit score is also well over 800. Dang that rule.
  11. I noticed it and was coming to start a thread and see OP already did. I will use up my points to buy the cards to pay for my Pacific Princess cruise next year. 😄
  12. It doesn't get coded as travel either if you are wondering. it is best to use a credit card that has decent rewards for any non category spending. Citi Double cash back for example.
  13. Amex offers! AARP! Allstate! Oh my! Where do I start with this one? Time to sign up Allstate now! Haha!
  14. Haha I plan to do the same! Sonetime ! But for now I am under 5/24, at 3/24 to be exact and I will apply a couple of much better credit cards first. Once I am above 5/24 I will do a flurry of cruise cards all at once and get OBC for them all. And then wait till I drop below 5/24 and start again. Haha!
  15. Does Amex also have Royal Caribbean or Celebrity or Norwegian cruises offers? I have on my seen offers for Carnival family cruise lines.
  16. It took them hours to fix the $18 booze glitch. Let's see how long it takes to fix this one! Any over under bets? 🤣
  17. Great savings! 👍 I only started using TA's recently and finding myself routinely saving around 10% if I count the perks. And I don't even look very hard. If I wanted to spend more time shopping I could probably save more but the ROI of my time wouldn't be worth it at that point for me. too bad I started too late and now almost all lines only give me 30 to 60 days to do the transfer to a TA. now a question to frequent Celebrity cruisers who use American Express cards: do you ever receive offers from Amex like the ones with Princess or HAL? looks to me American express only works with Carnival brands.
  18. Thanks guys! AQ, absolutely! I already have a few in mind that I might book on board. Look forward to meeting with you on the ship and hopefully in Boston too! 😀
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