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  1. Could it be because I have a gty cabin?
  2. My cruise depots in less than 30 days and I just booked a gty balcony. However when I look in my account I can not find an invitation to bid like the last time. can someone please advise? maybe it takes 24 hours or something to show?
  3. That’s what I thought, that really is unfortunate.
  4. I’m scheduled to sail on the getaway in the haven in a few weeks with the premium package which was included. The drink I like shows at $23 when I look at the menus online. Is the premium drinks included in the haven or do I have to pay the $8 difference every time. also if I wanted to upgrade to premium plus, can I do it for just me as my wife will be pregnant at time of sailing. It will not let me on the app. Thank You,
  5. Do you know if any cognac, other than Courvoisier is available in the haven bar, even at an up charge?
  6. Does anyone know what is included that’s more than the ultimate package specifically cognacs? it says up to 34 cognacs. But I’ve never seen that many on ship. Does anybody have a drink list.
  7. What people don’t say about current numbers for sailings in the future is the 20-30% of people that cancel that don’t get an exemption for their children. something to ponder.
  8. Ah ok was not sure. It was also inaugural which Probably infected attendance in some way.
  9. Today’s sailing is also a western itinerary for the first time which is usually less popular and less expensive, I wouldent be surprised if we were back to 1100 just for this week. Like I said, when they pulled the sailing from the website there were a TON of regular oceanview and balcony rooms along with 12 sky suites and 6 celebrity suites available. This is the first sailing that the retreat is not completely full.
  10. How did you get this number for next weeks sailing? how many passengers are on the current sailing? there were over 200 cabins available when they pulled the cruise from the website last night
  11. There were still over 200 cabins when they pulled it from the website last night.
  12. Other posters have mentioned they have been turned away and not let in until the minute of. They are taking crowd control and protocols very seriously during this time. Everyone come at your assigned time (follow the rules) and your expectations won’t be let down. Suites can board at any time.
  13. It should be. Look up the ship mate app
  14. This would devalue the brand at a pivotal point. Remember, people are still scared to leave their house when in fact a cruise ship Is statistically the safest place to be.
  15. the 7/10 sailing has a ton of availability still. Shipmate group only has 34 members and Facebook only has 41. I think this sailing will be the emptiest yet and maybe slow increase up from here
  16. I’m going by members in shipmate and Facebook and making an educated guess.
  17. So from what I’m reading it seems the consensus that the first sailing of the edge was at 36% capacity for guests and about 60% capacity for crew. If they can only get 36% out of their allotted 40% to sail wouldn't we agree that this is not strong. Does anybody know the current Sailings capacity of guests? I looked on shipmate and various Facebook groups for the upcoming Sailings to determine passenger count and it seems passenger count is decreasing substantially after the first 2 bookings.
  18. No, 1 stateroom me and my wife and they called my best friend who is my emergency contact. I just found out. He was annoyed.
  19. Who’s catching Covid? There’s a 95% rule here, that’s why they are bugging everyone. If more then 5 % show up to the terminal unvaxxed, they will get turned away.
  20. I think the OPs review is very critical and specific. While I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion I believe that two or three simple miss cues do not ruin a cruise for me and if I go in to every cruise with a negative mental attitude that nothing will go wrong, I will never have a good cruise. On every cruise I’ve been on, something with either the food or service has gone awry at some point in time, it’s inevitable. To place blame it specifically on the celebrity edge during their 2nd cruise back is completely pointless. Of course things are going to be different and celebrity will charge as much as they can to fill their ships to the temporary maximum capacity while providing the best service they can. It’s been 15 months + since we have all done this (guests and crew) so I would ask everyone to cut them a little slack here. OP, can you tell us some positives that occurred on your cruise? Did you have an enjoyable time overall back at sea after all this time?
  21. i’m booked on the upcoming July 10 Sailing of Celebrity edge. (3 days away) I received four calls yesterday two of which I answered, and then three calls this morning I answered one of them. Then, just know I get a call from my TA on behalf of celebrity asking if I was vaccinated. All of the calls I answered I told them that I was vaccinated and so is everybody in my party. Why do they not have their ducks in a row when it comes to this, all these phone calls are annoying.
  22. Question, since your on this cruise. How do you compare the 60% capacity to previous cruises. Is the wait times, atmosphere on board noticeably different? would you say you prefer 60% capacity or do you miss the atmosphere of a full ship? Thank you for your time!
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