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  1. So sorry to hear this! Especially for a milestone cruise 😐 I love your spirit in that you have a Plan B tho......a room at the Polynesian sounds fantastic!!! Hope that you have a wonderful birthday celebration ☺️
  2. Hi elmac 40. Although I have not sailed on HAL, I can share that we recently sailed the Silhouette and just loved her! She is a gorgeous ship (we were the first post-revolution cruise so she was nice and fresh out of refurbishment), great service, great food, and of course Celebrity's welcome aboard glass of champagne is a lovely way to start a cruise. I don't think you can go wrong by choosing Celebrity.
  3. LOL....agreed! Have to admit this is not the first time I have not understood Celebrity's promos or sales and why they never seem to apply to any of my bookings. 😏 Thank you everyone, for the responses. Helped me to understand some of the different situations and why this loyalty promo may not apply to my booking. Maybe one day I will actually benefit from one of the promos 😊
  4. Hi Fouremco. Can you (or anyone) please help me understand? I asked my TA to call Celebrity to look into this deal for our 2021 Mediterranean cruise. She called X within the time frame of the deal, and was informed that since the cruise fare has gone up significantly since we booked it would not be worth it for us, so she just left our booking as is at our original booking price. Do you have to "re-book" at current prices to get this deal? (although I realize that it is too late now anyways). My understanding is that the 10% off for members would apply to whatever price you booked at? Gu
  5. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Blazerboy! This is so funny.....well done! 😄 Can't wait to read the next day's port review!
  6. Thank you for a great review! 😊 Really enjoyed reading it!!
  7. The over the bed storage is still there, and yes the library did survive 😊
  8. Thank you for the review and pics!! Much appreciated 😊
  9. Thank you so much! Always looking for different and nice places to stay, and I find learning info from CC friends is so helpful! Glad you had a wonderful cruise and awaiting your further reviews 😊
  10. Wonderful pics so far and looking forward to reading your review 😊 How did you like the Elita Hotel for a pre-cruise stay?
  11. Yes it is. Looking at the picture, Quasar is to the right and the casino entrance is to the left.
  12. Hi 39August. The really tall chairs are in the Library on Deck 10, and yes the Hideaway is on Deck 7 😊 It always seemed to have lots of folks in it....there is what looked like a small self-serve coffee machine/station there as well. This was my first time on the Silhouette so I have no idea if that coffee station is new or has always been there.
  13. We just got back from a Southern Caribbean cruise and did not take our passports off with us at any of the islands (A,B,C and Grand Cayman). Only took our photo ID provincial health card with us, and had to show that at only one of the ports if I recall correctly. All other ports we simply had to show our seapass card.
  14. Hello LoveThatCorgi. Brandon is not very adventurous with trying different things so he always ordered a "strawberry smoothie" and the bartender basically just made a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri. Sorry I cannot offer specifics as pertains to any of the other flavoured mocktails.
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