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  1. We were on the revolutionized Silhouette in Feb 2020 just before the pandemic hit and it had Craft Social on board.
  2. Gorgeous sunset pictures Jim!! As always, thoroughly enjoying your live thread and fabulous pictures 😊 Thank you so much for once again sharing your travels....it really does mean a lot to someone like myself who at the moment does not have a cruise booked 😞 (our Mediterranean cruise of Sept 25 was cancelled). Looking forward to reading more!
  3. Loved your last solo review! So happy to read that you will be sailing again and looking forward to following along. Have a fabulous time!! 😊
  4. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy 😊
  5. TravelBluebird, have an absolutely fabulous time on your first Celebrity cruise!!!! 😊 A great cruise line and a great ship. Can't wait to read about your impressions and experiences...... Always love reading a blog from someone with "fresh" eyes to Celebrity. Helps bring back memories of the things that made me fall in love with Celebrity when we first started sailing with them almost a decade ago. Thank you for taking us along. Enjoy!!!
  6. Yes you are correct Jim. We sail in regular verandahs and it is a generic shampoo....at least it was on the Silhouette cruise we were on just before the world shut down in early 2020.
  7. Wonderful review and pics, luckybecky; thank you so very much!!!! It has been about three years since we have sailed on the Equinox and enjoying your thread very much.....it is bringing back some great memories as well as really nice to see some of the changes from the (partial) revolution since we were onboard 😊
  8. Love reading your posts, jamielogical! Looking forward to following your other posts and hearing your thoughts on Celebrity (if I recall correctly you are new to sailing on Celebrity from another line?.....Sorry if I remembered that incorrectly)
  9. My thoughts exactly. Could not figure out why it was fixed instead of having hinges so it could fold up to give more flexibility for space.
  10. The infinite verandah is not a "true balcony" where you open a sliding door and actually step out onto a balcony and can close the door behind you.
  11. We quite enjoyed the Lawn Club on the Silhouette in Feb 2020 and found both food and ambiance to be enjoyable. As another poster noted, every specialty restaurant will have both good and bad reviews. If I recall correctly we were still in port when we dined so wind was not an issue. We don't tend to do a lot of specialty dining but thanks to the sage advice from fellow members here, we did wait to book until we could get a discount so personally we thought what we paid for our LCG dinner was worth it. If you do change your mind and decide to book the LCG, as my fellow Canadian Pinboy stated in his Point #5, the warm chocolate chip cookie is a must! I am not a "dessert" person and rarely bother with it, but again due to comments from fellow posters here we did try the warm chocolate chip cookie and it was delicious!
  12. Hi dimiegirl. We also tend to prefer bed by the balcony on our cruises. FWIW though, in our opinion we found the stateroom layout on the Edge with the bed by balcony (infinite verandah) to be pretty tight quarters. I actually would have preferred to have the bed by the bathroom. Our friends on either side of our stateroom had bed by bath and the cabin just seemed "roomier." Of course YMMV. I truly hope you enjoy your cruise on the Edge .... the ship is beautiful!
  13. Thank you. And ooops, I actually did mean sparkling, lol.
  14. My question lbryant......you mentioned in your first post that you toasted the beginning of your cruise with champagne.....has Celebrity reinstated the "welcome aboard" glass of bubbly or was this something you ordered at one of the bars?? I believe in some reviews of the first few cruises people said that the welcome aboard glass of bubbly was eliminated for now. For me, that is one of the best feelings when stepping onboard a Celebrity ship and receiving that glass to start the cruise! Have a fabulous cruise and looking forward to reading more about your experiences onboard!!
  15. Fabulous review and pics! Echo the many comments of appreciation and thanks that have been made for your time and effort in sharing. So glad to read that this was a fabulous cruise for you 😊
  16. Thank you for taking the time to do a post-cruise review. Good/helpful info and great pics so far! Looking forward to reading more.
  17. Wow! I clearly need some packing tips from you 😊 If I am bringing snorkeling gear along, I always end up struggling to get everything into one suitcase for a two week trip! Actually the more accurate statement is that I simply don't get everything into one suitcase, lol.
  18. Yes good point about what each person considers a good location! You are a wealth of information Lastdance and I very much appreciate your insight with regards to these cabins. If we decide to move forward with booking a suite, I am definitely reaching out to you for more discussion/any other questions to help in choosing a great cabin! 😊 Thanks again!
  19. Thank you. We were in 7222 when we were on the Edge (regular IV) and could see over to the cabins "inside the tracks" of the Magic Carpet. Figured they were suites given the size of the balconies but no idea what category they were.
  20. May I ask what cabin you are in??? If you are not comfortable answering until after you are off the ship I completely understand. As I mentioned in a previous post I have never sailed in a suite before but now considering it, so this is all new territory for me as to how to choose a suite (although I imagine they are all good locations!)
  21. My vote would be the Silhouette w/ABC islands. We were on the first sailing out of dry dock on the Silhouette in Feb 2020 and so she was obviously newly updated and beautiful. Lawn Club Grill was fabulous. Extra day on the ship/extra day vacation with your second itinerary! Love the ABC islands whether you want to tour, snorkel, beach day. Have only been on one M class ship and for me, although the ship was great and we certainly enjoyed our cruise, for some reason that I cannot explain the S class ships just feel more like "home" to me when I board. Whichever choice you make, have a wonderful time 😊
  22. Wow! I'm impressed .... and more than a little jealous that I can't manage that! 😊
  23. Thank you so much for the reply and pics. I think (Lastdance please correct me if I misunderstood) the "magic window" referred to is the "window" that looks from the bathroom out over the room/balcony? And my apologies....I should have specified when I said I work in health care......I am not a nurse. I am a social worker with Oncology and Palliative Care patients working alongside our nurses. And I certainly appreciate all that nurses do, even more so during this pandemic! Enjoy your cruise and keep the observations/experiences coming 😊
  24. Oh my yes! I forgot all about those projected flowers in the sinks. So no, you were not hallucinating lol. Thank you for a fabulous review.....you have a great writing style!
  25. Thank you so much, Lastdance! Much appreciated. We also love large balconies (always book on the slant of the hump on S class and have to admit that we will not book IV on E class again). That is good info to know about the magic window (did not know that's what it was called) vs. large balcony in making a final decision. Again, thank you 😊
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