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  1. Some quick questions for anyone familiar with royal carribbean policy? Can you bring water on board the ship in your luggage? If so how much? I have been having a terrible time locating this information I have the deluxe drink package is there bottled water I can get from the bars like there are on carnival? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Does anyone or can anyone cruising the Bermuda itinerary they just started in October have the compass... Trying to prepare for my October 19 sailing.
  3. Hey cruisers, I was wondering if there was a way to preload my seapass card with money I have on a gift card that acts like a credit card?
  4. Hey friends I'm looking for a more recent set of fun times how that carnival glory is out of Nola with Dustin Gabriel as the cruise director. Any luck someone has an updated set of fun times since he just took over. Any information would help. Thanks
  5. Yeah I was able to confirm that Dustin is the cruise director and someone war nice enough to recommend going to an event from there cruise that I was not able to locate on the fun times from the previous cruise director
  6. Just note that the fun times in that post is with the previous cruise director and may not reflect the glory event schedule today
  7. Awesome to hear super excited... I've been looking at the previous fun times but it had a different cruise director so the fun times didn't have the 80's trivia. Would either of you guys have the fun times from your cruise?
  8. Thanks everyone who posted. Pretty excited to go in the glory April 27
  9. Hey my name is Geoff and I'm actually cruising with a group of 12 people from across the country one is actually from Atlanta
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