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  1. On our recent cruise, the tables in the main dining room and specialty restaurants were just as close as they have always been. However, because of the number of people onboard, there were never people that close to us on the sides. The tables behind and in front of us were occupied, but not the ones directly beside us. Something to keep in mind is that we always choose YTD, so I can't really speak to seating for assigned dining times.
  2. They did both self-assist and checked luggage priority debarkation on our Sunrise cruise back in September.
  3. I have done it a couple of times using the form without any problems. I recently applied a FCC to our January cruise using the form. It took a week or so, but it is there now. They sent me a new confirmation email. I did call one time because I had a specific question about a third person on our original booking. I had to wait a little bit, but they were able to transfer it while I was on the phone. You might give it another week and then call.
  4. I'm guessing they will have it on all ships soon. Doesn't take a lot to put together and like bingo, it's a huge money maker for Carnival. On our recent cruise we went to just watch. The cards were selling for $25 for one and $40 for two. Looking around the theater it looked like they sold several hundred cards. There were two contestants on the stage. The first won less than $1. The second contestant won around $100. Others in the audience won about $200-300 combined. Most of those were things like bingo packages where it basically costs Carnival nothing extra. They also scheduled no other real entertainment that night (no comedy, stage shows, or main band) so there was really nothing else to do. Carnival knows what they are doing in those. Bingo and the new Deal or No Deal are money making ventures for Carnival.
  5. We were just on the Sunrise and really enjoyed it with the lower capacity. Food was the best it has been on several cruises. However, we wouldn't want to be on Sunrise at capacity. Our experience on the Sunshine, which also added staterooms when it was updated, is that many areas would be very crowded. It has been a few years since we've been on the the Conquest, but we really enjoyed it. The Conquest and Freedom are two of our favorites, so if they are moving more to capacity then, we would choose the Conquest.
  6. Can't remember about the Breeze, but it wouldn't work on some of the ships we've been on. We always take a regular extension cord to plug in chargers and my CPAP cord. Never had a problem with those.
  7. We already had three booked (two in 2022 and one in 2023) and got a great offer for cruises through Feb 2022 out of N.O., so we booked another one for January. We booked a balcony cabin for half of what we normally pay. Our September Vista cruise also dropped by $150, which is the third drop since we booked it.
  8. On our recent Sunrise cruise we took our test two days before at 8:30 a.m. At the port, they didn't even look at the page with the time. They just looked at the summary page that had the date and test result. John Heald has said several times that the time does not matter, only the day.
  9. While I probably wouldn't say I fully support all the protocols, I don't have a big problem with them and abide by them. It certainly makes things go smoother onboard and lessens the chance of an outbreak causing an interruption in cruising. Would also say that our cruise last week was one of our best yet. Maybe that's because it was our first cruise since Jan 2020. But, more than that, it is because the limited capacity made the cruise extremely enjoyable. With the prices offered right now, we will certainly continue booking. We have three booked for next year.
  10. The information for January and February says that they will operate under current protocols. Anything other than that is purely speculation right now.
  11. We were just on the Sunrise last week and loved it with the limited capacity. Probably wouldn't do it full capacity, but right now it is great. We have been on the Conquest in the past and liked it as well. But, it we were choosing between the two again right now, it would be the Sunrise.
  12. We were at HMC last week. No health visa required. I'm pretty sure that is just required if you are flying in and visiting outside of a cruise.
  13. It could change, but right now they say they will be operating Jan and Feb cruises with current protocols.
  14. Yes, certainly no surprise. The removal of booking availability for certain ports (like Mobile) on the website once again showed that cancellations were imminent.
  15. GUEST OPERATIONS UPDATE – JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2022 SAILINGS October 6, 2022 Dear Carnival Guest: With 17 ships scheduled to return to service by the end of the year, we are very pleased with the progress we are making returning to guest operations. Our vaccinated voyages have been operating very successfully and feedback from the many guests who have sailed with us these past few months continues to be overwhelmingly positive. As we look ahead to the new year, we have identified plans for the first two ships that will restart – Carnival Sunshine from Charleston on January 13, and Carnival Liberty from Port Canaveral on February 11. The following ships will operate through February 28, 2022, including your cruise. Galveston: Carnival Breeze, Carnival Dream and Carnival Vista Miami: Carnival Freedom, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Conquest Port Canaveral: Mardi Gras, Carnival Elation, Carnival Magic and Carnival Liberty (effective 2/11) New Orleans: Carnival Glory and Carnival Valor Long Beach: Carnival Panorama, Carnival Radiance and Carnival Miracle Baltimore: Carnival Legend Tampa: Carnival Pride Charleston: Carnival Sunshine (effective 1/13) We will be operating our cruises in January and February as vaccinated cruises with our current protocols. We will continue to keep you informed with information on our protocols as things evolve. We are optimistic that vaccines will be approved and available for children between 5 and 11 years of age before the end of the year enabling us to welcome more of our families with young children back on board! Please watch for our next email or visit the Have Fun. Be Safe. page on Carnival.com where we will post our most updated information. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through our restart plans. We look forward to welcoming you on board. Sincerely, Christine Duffy
  16. Right now, if I were driving that morning, I would wait until after noon. No rooms, except for suite guestrooms, are ready until 1:30. We are platinum and usually try to get there early, But right now there is no real benefit in doing that.
  17. On our Sunrise cruise last week, Suite guestrooms were ready at 12:30. It was 1:30 for everyone else. At check-in we asked about Platinum guests being able to drop off their luggage and then leaving. The agent was really noncommittal about it. We went ahead and dropped ours off since John Heald said that we could. Our room was nowhere near ready then.
  18. I just booked a great rate on the Valor for January. It was an invitation only rate of $50 per day for an 8C balcony. That is by far our best rate ever, about half of the normal rate for that category. Just happened to be checking and saw that I had that offer. I also did a price protection submission for our September Vista cruise and saved another $170 on it using the Taco Day Sale rate. It was already a very good rate, so it has now gone even lower. Looked at several other cruises and the rates are great right now, except for Mardi Gras. Our April Mardi Gras cruise and one for next April have both gone the opposite direction. They are much higher now. When it comes to price, this is certainly a good time to cruise.
  19. I've tried it in the past and found it very hit or miss. Not something you can rely on all the time. Last week I used FB Messenger and my wife used I-Message to communicate with our daughters. Never had any problems with either of those.
  20. My wife and I were at HMC last week. We didn't rent a clamshell this time. Instead, we went way up the beach. There are shaded areas where we didn't even need a clamshell. Plus, you were able to get some breeze that you can't normally get with the clamshell
  21. I told someone that the desserts on the Sunrise Lido last week were the best I've seen in some time. Unfortunately, I found myself eating way too many of them.
  22. Yes. I saw several in shorts on elegant night last week.
  23. On our recent Sunrise cruise I wore a pair of slacks with a button down shirt. I was probably one of the most dressed one there in the YTD dining room. There were some in jeans and shorts. I'm guessing there were some in the other dining room that were more dressed as I did see a couple of suits later in the night. As someone else mentioned, Carnival hasn't had a "formal" night in years.
  24. You can tell the ship is actually a refurbished one. There are signs around of the actual age of the ship. There was some type of leak around the atrium on level four the last night. Not sure exactly what it was, but probably a/c or something. That being said, the staff is working hard to keep the ship clean. I probably wouldn't hesitate to cruise it again if it is lower capacity. I'm not sure I would want to be on it at full capacity. I actually thought the food was very good on this cruise, especially in the dining room. There were several good options each night. One night I did use my OBC to purchase a steakhouse filet. It was a wonderful steak. The buffet was the typical Carnival buffet. The salad bar was great. Hot food options on the buffet were just so so. Keep in mind, the Sunrise does offer several other options besides the buffet, especially at lunch. We ate at Guys one day, Blue Iguana one day, and the Cucina Pasta Bar for lunch another day. The BBQ was only open on embarkation day and our one sea day, but we didn't eat there because that was the one place where there was a long line. That was the last day. The desserts on this cruise (buffet, not dining room) were some of the best I've had on a cruise. I found myself eating more of them than normal. I'm sorry, I just don't know about the shortbread cookies as I'm not much of a cookie eater. My wife did have chocolate chip cookies, but she couldn't remember about shortbread either.
  25. I'll agree with that. He did a good job with announcements. Some CDs can be so annoying with their announcements, but never got that feeling with him. I also think he handled debarkation remarkably well.
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