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  1. Has anyone been able to get this beer yet on Coco Cay? I read it would be available in November. We are going to Coco Cay next month and hoping to find it there!
  2. Will be bringing a few dozen in June (the week of the 9th) on the Harmony to hide! Hoping we find a few too!
  3. I have read various accounts of the "All Access Tour" but none seem to be recent. Can anyone help with the details and how it was on the Harmony more recently? Trying to decide if it's worth it for myself and the future engineer of the family. I have not been on a Galley or Bridge Tour since I cruised Carnival many moons ago and it was free.
  4. She isn't athletic but is great on the Boogie Board, and is super timid about the stand up surfing. Thus, the bit of quieter time on the wave with less people around may help boost that confidence.
  5. I appreciate the thought - but the Key for 6 people is a bit out of budget and the lesson is only for one. We are diamond so the bit extra the Key gives isn't a huge issue to me to be honest. I would prefer to spend that money elsewhere as the only thing really worth is is the internet and I prefer to unplug for the week and not have to worry about facebook or things back home! Priority check-in and boarding* Carry-on bag drop off and delivery to stateroom** Exclusive welcome lunch at Chops Grille® - Private hours at onboard activities*** including Rock Climbing, FlowRider® and more. The private hours schedule will be provided at check-in. Priority port of call debarkation Reserved seating at shows in the Main Theater, Aqua Theater and Studio B. VOOM ® Surf & Stream 1 Device high speed internet Choice debarkation with an exclusive a la carte breakfast
  6. Thank you this is what I was hoping for! We are taking a 13 year old that's awesome on the boogie board but a bit timid and shy of the standup yet wants to do it - I was hoping the group lessons would be just enough to get the gist without being rushed!
  7. Can anyone tell me if the standup surfing group lesson is worth the price?
  8. Sailing soon and I am newly Diamond - I know WHAT benefits I get. I am just curious how they work when sailing with a cabin mate who is not yet Diamond. For example the BOGO specialty restaurants, lounge and the preloaded drinks. Are these only on my card?
  9. Are there board games available onboard? (Specifically Allure) Thinking about letting teenage son bring a couple to play in teen area if not.
  10. over rated.. leave her home...bringing someone else's wife is way more fun..
  11. I know magnetic hooks are nice to have to hold papers and lanyards etc. but what are some of your other must haves?
  12. My family and I will be on the Allure in November - can someone post the most updated menu for vintages? Also, can you post the eastern Teen pages for Adventure Ocean?
  13. Anita, I sent you an email about the shoes you had up... are they still available?
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