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  1. Here's an overview of the AZ vaccine testing and the two vs one dose deal. I suspect the FDA will be carefully reviewing all the data (as they have and should) before US approval. I'm also trying to follow the collaboration between the AZ folks and use of the Sputnik vaccine. Certainly the more arrows in the global quiver, the better, yes? How the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Works - The New York Times (nytimes.com) The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine requires two doses, given four weeks apart, to prime the immune system to fight off the coronavirus. During the cli
  2. My understanding is that the CDC strongly recommended that all seniors living in congregate housing (such as long term care facilities) be vaccinated in the first phase, 1A, along with HCWs. I don't believe the Villages is considered congregate housing - I thought it was just a large, age-restricted planned community (albeit with political clout) in Florida. DeSantis modified the CDC recommendation (as is his right, and responsibility, as governor) to include all seniors, no matter where living, or how healthy, as I understand it. I'm a senior, with one co-morbidity, and live i
  3. DeSantis talks coronavirus vaccine distribution in The Villages (palmbeachpost.com) This story says 20 residents of the Villages were vaccinated, and also how the first shipments of vaccines were distributed in Florida. T
  4. I'm sure so many seniors in Florida are concerned about when they're getting the vaccine, after Gov. DeSantis' comments to the press. Everyone in the country is wondering 'where am I in line'? Even HCWs are wondering how it all works, for themselves and their patients. From what I've read, the Villages is also affiliated with a robust hospital system. That may be helping, depending on how many shots were allocated to that system, especially if it has a robust cold chain system (for Pfizer). And, yeah, to be cynical, not surprised a press show was held there. Question is, did everyone a
  5. I agree that it will be difficult to miss announcements for the vaccination. I do think certain populations with less access to medical services, or even a lot of pharmacies, and the internet may require more outreach to ensure they're informed. Do you have a county board of health? That may be a place to start. In my state, we can get updates for our state and county boards of health. Your pharmacist may have some information (Walgreens maintains a COVID website), and my medical practice keeps updated information on MyChart. A lot of practices utilize MyChart to c
  6. Below from the Walgreens.com website. I personally believe most states are following CDC prioritization guidelines, but there may be variances by state decision. I know the hospital system I use is vaccinating their staff as we speak. I have age & health risks, so pretty sure I'm reasonably 'up the line' but will hang tight til either my county, physician and/or Walgreens tells me to show up. I believe some employers, like Ford, and GM, are also working on mass vaccinations for their workers as requested. I hope major food processing employers are doing the same.
  7. Sorry if already posted - I believe this is on the NCL board as well. I don't know that this is either unexpected or a sign of the apocalypse. But I do think no line is quite out of the woods yet, even if all medical vaccinations and treatments of COVID go spectacularly well. But that could be said of so many industries also, IMO. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line Are Put on Credit Watch Over Extended Suspensions | Barron's
  8. Not sure where else to put this, but assuming there will be many enhancements to ships due to COVID mitigation efforts. I suppose something like this, if effective, would be useful even if there were no COVID. NCLH to combat coronavirus with fleetwide air purification system fit - Marine Log
  9. Oh, I agree - I wonder if this is a quick, cheaper workaround to address folks who don't have access to personal electronics for whatever reason, or simply won't use it, as well as facing the fact we don't have a national database, to my knowledge. In a perfect world, they'd have the best people working on a national data base easily linked into by local entities. Our world - at least in the US there are people who are so suspicious of everything they'd see this as a massive conspiracy, IMO. Geez, the people screeching about the Real ID driver licenses in the US... I know people
  10. This is mostly a 'fun' calculator for those in the US to see where you may be in line for the vaccine. I don't know that it included the final CDC prioritization recommendations, and the states can alter those a bit. I'm hoping for sometime in February if things go well for a shot (age/risk factor/retired/noncongregate living) Opinion | When Can I Get a Coronavirus Vaccine in America? - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  11. Not sure where this might go, but apparently in the US we will all get little cards with the our vaccinations - I vaguely remember vaccination cards when I was a child Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine, health officials say - CNN
  12. I've read the hopeful timing for the US gen pop vaccination will be in the April/May/June months. If it's the two dose regimen, I'd guess you have to add two months to the initial shot date for the vaccine to take effect. My internist just Monday re-emphasized that being vaccinated will not mean tossing the masks and gathering in large groups right off the bat, but also that this is a huge step toward a more normalized life. He's guessing I'll be in tranche 1B once the final prioritization decisions are made.
  13. @beaujolais, thanks! I'm in the US, and wonder whether my provider is offering Smithsonian series on a different time line. Nonetheless, always interesting to watch, no matter the line or ship.
  14. I'm showing Koningsdam as season 3, Ep 1 on December 1, followed on December 8 by Viking Long Ship Gefjon - I've got Xfinity, Smithsonian Channel, Chicago area. Be interesting to see what pops up!
  15. I thought this article did a fairly good, if brief, overview of some of the issues regarding an equitable, efficient distribution of vaccines. I'll go as soon as I'm 'eligible', and hoping that the states will get the assistance they need to deal with this immense logistical challenge. CDC advisory committee discusses who should get first vaccine doses (inquirer.com) And now there seems to be some concern that some will not be happy with the side effects of the shot and may not come back with round two. The side effects, to me, sounded like what I experienced with Shin
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