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  1. That is what I am saying though- If you are in the same room as a child that does not have any package, but you as the adult have the alcohol package- have you ever had a bartender ask for two cards? As I said in my original post, you would just hand over one card like normal. Go ahead and hand over both but as Keith's post bring out- they don't care and are going to charge the adult card 99% of the time. That is what I'm trying to say. If an adult has a beverage package and is with a kid the chances are extremely high that the bartender will only swipe the adult card. I'm not saying giving them to someone else in a different cabin or anything like that. And hey, go ahead and tell them that the kid doesn't have a package and it is for him- but as said before and proved by Keith's post- chances are they don't care and will swipe the adult card for both.
  2. Well one- giving alcohol to a minor is illegal Two- alcohol is going to be a heck of a lot more expensive than mixer, not a $0.10 difference
  3. Yeah yeah we all know, but in the case of all you are trying to do is get a mocktail for a kid, 99.999% of the bartenders wouldn't bat an eye. I would say that only time they really care is when two adults are trying to share one alcohol package and both get alcoholic drinks while paying for one package, or if someone was giving liquor drinks to a minor. This is the case of mocktails which cost NCL probably $0.50 or less per drink since they buy those mixer in mass bulk.
  4. Ahhh okay, that makes sense. It's weird I think that the soda package doesn't include mocktails
  5. Do the adults have the alcohol package? If so, since you can order 2 drinks at a time per card- order your adult drink and a mocktail at the same time. I really don't think any of the bartenders will care, especially since it is just mixers which cost basically next to nothing for NCL.
  6. This is from the Getaway this week. Note- I got this picture off of a FB group
  7. Hello! We are wondering what is your favorite restaurant/meal to have while at Harvest Caye in Belize?
  8. Darn! Okay, thank you for the response 🙂
  9. Hello! We have a bid in for a balcony room for an Escape Dec sailing and I am curious about if we lose the bid 2 days before the sail date could we potentially upgrade (for a few) once on board? Has anyone ever done this? Was it significantly more than paying for the upgrade beforehand? It would be from Mid Ship Inside to a balcony (that we wouldn't care about the location)
  10. This is from NCL https://www.ncl.com/cruise-faq/what-your-restaurant-cancellation-policy
  11. Well darn, okay. Thank you for the replies!
  12. Hello! Is there a way to find out which comedians will be performing on the Dec 14 2019 sailing on the Escape? I tried to look online but was unsuccessful. Or do you not usually know who they are until you board?
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