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  1. I was FINALLY able to book today! I'd try again if you haven't already
  2. That stinks if so 😞 I like to have a plan ahead of time but it's not a deal breaker. If I just get to get on the boat I'll be happy!
  3. USUALLY you can- but I think I may be on the same sailing as you (or at least one close) I am on a Jan 9 2022 cruise and I went online to book today and can only book the first day for any dining so I took Bird's advice and called the NCL reservation line and talked to someone and she was unable to book for me either. She said it was strange and probably a glitch and to check back. She also said it may have to do with final payment now being 60 days and not 120, but I don't know that I would put much weight in that statement. I also tried the online chat and they stated the same thing that bookings were only showing the first day for them as well. I also can not book any shows.
  4. That's interesting! I don't think I knew that. I knew it changed every so often but I thought it was fleet wide the same menus every time. Thank you!
  5. No it is not. There is a couple reviews posted from the Jade last week and they stated it was served by a crew member for the buffet I believe
  6. What were your thoughts on food quality and taste compared to NCL for complimentary dining?
  7. Also, if you look at that thread no one that is actually on the ship has posted any updates on it. Just the one cruiser upset about the kids stuff. No actual information of how things are on the boat.
  8. I dont want the experiences all bunched together by different people. I'm wanting what is sometimes done by a individual of the day by day. Thats not what that thread is. I'm looking for something more along the lines of what BirdTravels and JamieLogical post when they are on cruises along with others.
  9. Good morning! I tried looking but could only find the roll call for this sailing and I was just curious if there was anyone onboard doing a "live" thread/stream of their experience on the Jade this week? If someone knows of one, do you have the link?
  10. Good morning! I was just curious if anyone knows any major difference between the Breakaway and Getaway? I know they are sister ships so supposedly very similar. Did anyone prefer one over the other? We have the Breakaway booked for Jan and the Getaway booked for late fall 2023
  11. Ugh. We are on the NCL Breakaway out of New Orleans on Jan 9. I've been afraid of this as cancelations keep creeping closer to that date.
  12. So I am playing around with mock bookings for things around the same time this year (since I can not book out to 2023 yet) and I am kind of thinking the following Budget for London hotels for 2 nights- $300 USD Transfer Cab Service from Southampton to London for 2-$223.38 Taxi from London hotel to airport-$90 Misc Travel expenses for those 2 days -$100 Food & drink for both for 2 days -$350 Copenhagen Hotel-$350 Taxi from Copenhagen airport to hotel-$90 Taxi from Copenhagen Hotel to Cruise Port-$90 Misc Travel for 2 days- $50 Food & Drink for 2 days- $350 Does this seem pretty accurate or high enough to give me wiggle room?
  13. Hello! My husband and I have a 10-Day British Isles From Copenhagen to London: Ireland & Northern Ireland cruise booked for fall of 2023. We fly from the US to Copenhagen and we paid the upcharge to fly in 2 days early. The cruise ends in London and we are going to stay 2 days later there as well. My questions are the following: How much should I budget for a safe, nicer hotel for 2 nights both in Copenhagen and London? Does anyone have recommendations for particular hotels they have stayed at before? Is travel easy via taxi in both these cities or should I try to rearrange travel before hand? I already have the cruise booked and I know the cost for that (we are just doing an inside cabin). On average, how much money would you budget for this type of cruise for off boat activities? This will be our 10 year anniversary so I want to have a great time but I also don't want to go into debt. We both make an honest living but nothing exceptional. This will by far be the most expensive vacation we have ever done. I want to go ahead and start saving now so the burden is less when the time comes. Any recommendations or suggestions are highly appreciated!
  14. Thank you! I think we are going to pay the extra fee and fly into Denmark early and stY in London a couple days later
  15. Oh goodness! So definitely looking cheaper to do NCLs airfare 😲
  16. This was very very helpful! Good to know from first hand experience! I really appreciate you sharing!
  17. Thank you! This is very helpful information. We are not picky about layovers or flights, BUT what if NCL schedules a flight that would cause us to miss the ship departing? Do they have a buffer to prevent that? As in, they wont do a flight that cuts it within a certain amount of time to the cruise. Has anyone cancelled the airfare before final payment but after booking and been successful? Does it cancel your other promotions that you got when originally booking?
  18. Good day! My husband and I want to do something special for our 10 year wedding anniversary in 2023. He has always wanted to go to Europe and we both love cruising so I was looking at a 10-Day British Isles From Copenhagen to London: Ireland & Northern Ireland cruise for late 2023. We would be getting an inside cabin with all perks (dining and beverage) NCL is offering their 30% and 2nd guest fly free for this particular cruise right now. This would leave us with a flight from Nashville (BNA) for a total of $1164 for both of us. This is the breakdown Guest Name Air Hotel Travel Protection Transfers Guest Total Guest 1 $949.00 $0.00 $0.00 $107.50 $1,056.50 Guest 2 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $107.50 $107.50 My dumb question is: does this include the flight at the end of cruise back to the United States as well? Or is it just the flight TO the cruise? The flight is from Nashville BNA to Copenhagen, Denmark and then the return flight (?) London (Southampton), England to Nashville BNA. Does that sounds about normal price wise?
  19. That is what I am saying though- If you are in the same room as a child that does not have any package, but you as the adult have the alcohol package- have you ever had a bartender ask for two cards? As I said in my original post, you would just hand over one card like normal. Go ahead and hand over both but as Keith's post bring out- they don't care and are going to charge the adult card 99% of the time. That is what I'm trying to say. If an adult has a beverage package and is with a kid the chances are extremely high that the bartender will only swipe the adult card. I'm not saying giving them to someone else in a different cabin or anything like that. And hey, go ahead and tell them that the kid doesn't have a package and it is for him- but as said before and proved by Keith's post- chances are they don't care and will swipe the adult card for both.
  20. Well one- giving alcohol to a minor is illegal Two- alcohol is going to be a heck of a lot more expensive than mixer, not a $0.10 difference
  21. Yeah yeah we all know, but in the case of all you are trying to do is get a mocktail for a kid, 99.999% of the bartenders wouldn't bat an eye. I would say that only time they really care is when two adults are trying to share one alcohol package and both get alcoholic drinks while paying for one package, or if someone was giving liquor drinks to a minor. This is the case of mocktails which cost NCL probably $0.50 or less per drink since they buy those mixer in mass bulk.
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