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  1. I’m sure we will bump into each other. Just over a week to go. Robert &Judy
  2. Agree! Every sailaway found us there with a Martini or Manhattan in our hand. Always fun conversations with the friendly bartenders and fellow passengers at the bar.
  3. Hey Dusababy, looking forward to the cruise. Will be spending a few days in Montreal post cruise. Sounds like a great itinerary.
  4. What if soy milk is just regular milk trying to introduce itself in Spanish?
  5. I had not seen this great idea. Just got back from FP on Windstar. The IC hotel serves their drinks with pasta (1 large diameter macaroni) for straws. And they do not get soggy.
  6. Our cruise is scheduled to leave the Manhattan Terminal at 6:00 PM on Oct 11, and I was wondering about when the ship will pass the Statue of Liberty and the V-narrows bridge. I want to make dinner reservations, it happens to be our 39th wedding anniversary, but I sure don’ t want to miss that special sail away. Would 8:00 PM be late enough?
  7. It seems to me that “Oceania” would be pronounced “ocean-ee-ah” by how it’s spelled, but I’ve always heard “Ocean-ah” by most, including Oceania ads and videos. What gives?
  8. We got upgraded from BX to A about 2 months ago for our 7/19 Tahiti cruise. What a pleasant surprise
  9. Another FP bound( Wind Spirit 7/19) cruiser thanking you for your review. Your picture( first picture, post #5) is an amazing depiction of L’heure bleue
  10. Just joined this wonderful web site and found this trip review. I have to say, like everyone else, this is one of the best reviews I have read. Your story telling just flows. What wonderful memories you brought to all the cruisers who have been there, and for me and everyone else who has a future trip planned (Windstar 7/7/19) you have raised the anticipation to a fever pitch.
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