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  1. I wouldn't. But I think it's weird that if you have 2 bottles sent to your room, then you also couldn't buy the cheers package. I confirmed with her that she is sure that's what she meant - she said yes.
  2. Thanks for the response coevan. I don't think it has to do with bringing any wine on board. It has more to do with buying multiple "packages." I think they could figure out if we pre-ordered bottles and then bought the wine package easily. Is this the kind of thing they prevent? And what she said doesn't make sense to me. You can buy unlimited bottles of wine if you have the cheers package - they tout that they give a discount on bottles. Knowing this, why can't you buy a few bottles of liquor and then a package of wine? Makes no sense.
  3. So, short way to ask this question - are there limits to the number of booze packages you can buy for Carnival (Splendor)? Here's my reasoning: we are sailing on a 14 day cruise, so the cheers package for 2 people is almost $1700! Last time I got the package I felt like there was a lot of waste, and barely broke even. Some on you might just say, 'well pay as you go then.' Well, that's why I'm on the fence. He drinks spirits, I drink wine and some beer. I just called but am not confident in either of the 2 reps answers - both of them had to look everything up. It doesn't help that almost all the links on their website right now are 404 dead. He would prefer to just have 2 bottles of whiskey sent to the room and that will be enough for the entire cruise. I would prefer to buy 2 of the cruise the vineyard packages, would be enough for me, and if we did both of those, that would save us a bundle. The phone rep just said it's 2 packages total, even though the website it was limited to 2 bottles 'pre-order.' So she said we couldn't have the 2 bottles sent to the room AND buy the wine package. I asked her if they publish this info anywhere, she just said no. Yeah, nice to know had I gotten there and tried to do that I would have been told no. AND if we had the 2 bottles sent over she said we still couldn't buy the cheers package because of that. Anyone tried this and know?
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