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  1. nlcentralchmps03

    Mike's solo Norway adventure!

    Thanks for posting your review! We did a similar itinerary on Serenade in August. If anyone is considering this itinerary, do yourself a favor and book it right now. Norway is truly magical.
  2. nlcentralchmps03

    Serenade dry dock

    We were on Serenade a month ago and found the ship to be in great condition. Loved the ship so much, we are already looking for 2019 dates on her!
  3. nlcentralchmps03

    Activity Managers onboard Royal Ships

    Allison has returned to Serenade.
  4. nlcentralchmps03

    Question about Set Sail Pass on App and Online

    We leave on Serenade this Saturday from Copenhagen. I’ll be using the SetSail Pass in the app and I’ll report back on my experience.
  5. nlcentralchmps03

    Current Captains Con't

    Any insight on when the Serenade rotation will be occurring? Maybe on Saturday?
  6. nlcentralchmps03

    Closed Loop EU Cruise

    Stupid question, I’m sure, but does this also apply to a Norwegian Fjord cruise that departs Denmark and only calls in Norwegian ports? Edit: I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no.
  7. I am positive Royal Caribbean monitors these boards, so I just have to say a massive THANK YOU to whoever assigns the guarantee cabins. My fiancee and I will be doing the Norwegian Fjord cruise on Serenade of the Seas next month and we booked an interior guarantee (because there was no other cabin category available at time of booking, as well as wanting to save some money). When I checked on our reservation online this weekend I was absolutely ecstatic to find a hump balcony cabin assignment. THANK YOU, Royal Caribbean, for making us even more excited for our upcoming cruise/honeymoon. I wouldn't even consider sailing another cruise line!
  8. nlcentralchmps03

    Just off the Serenade OTS

    Thanks for that! We have a sea day on Sunday, which is probably a blessing based upon everything I have read. Did you find that there was enough to do in each port with just exploring? That is what I think we are planning on doing, except for Geiranger....I think we will take an organized tour there.
  9. nlcentralchmps03

    Just off the Serenade OTS

    Was this the Norwegian Fjords itinerary? If so, any thoughts on the itinerary? We are on the Fjords itinerary in August and finding info on it can be challenging!
  10. Radio, Not much to add except thanks for taking the time to post for us. I always look forward to checking in twice a day. Hope Casio Royale is friendly tonight!
  11. nlcentralchmps03

    Activity Managers onboard Royal Ships

    Katie Turner is now the AM on Oasis as of last week.
  12. nlcentralchmps03

    Just off 7/2/17 Oasis...here is my review

    What night was love and marriage?
  13. I know this isn't RC related, but it looks like Richard Spacey will be sailing on the Celebrity Summit, according to his twitter account. I'm assuming he will be taking over the CD role there.
  14. nlcentralchmps03

    20% VAT on Liberty out of Barcelona???

    Yes, unfortunately. I believe it will be charged unless you call upon a port outside of the EU. You can also get it refunded if you wait in a long line at the airport.