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    Beyond Skagway

    We did a private tour with Beyond Skagway a few weeks ago and they were fabulous. They offer customized tours by van tailored to your group’s preferences. We did a round trip van tour but they will also pick up / drop off at the train if you want to take the train one way. Our multigenerational group all had an amazing time! Our tour guide was very flexible and willing to adjust the itinerary on the fly based on the preferences of the group. Edited to add that all our our interactions were direct with Beyond Skagway (they are not a booking company). Their customer service was excellent and our tour guide was amazing.
  2. Thanks! We were looking or something other than whale watching as we were originally hoping to do whale watching in Juneau. However, we will change our plans to whale watch in ISP and will choose another activity in Juneau.
  3. Thank you for letting me know - I was wondering why I couldn’t find a single review 🤔. The description sounds pretty neat; they actually describe a separate section for 4-6 year olds which looks really cute. Oh well!
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has visited the Treetop Adventure Park at Icy Strait Point and can share their experience. I have read many reviews about the Ziprider, but my kids (5 and 8 years old) are too small for that one. Any information/opinions would be appreciated!
  5. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! It sounds like the beverage package will be unnecessary for us. We won’t plan on spending much time in the lounge, but I think it will be a great option for us to grab a quick snack or to meet up with other family members before heading out to an activity.
  6. Thanks everyone! Yes, I'm confident our kids will behave in the lounge; I just wanted to get a gauge on the general stuffiness level :). It's good to hear that the sofa bed should work fine for our kids.
  7. Hi everyone, I would appreciate any advice on our plans for an Alaska trip in May. Our family consists of myself, DH and two kids, ages 8 and 6. I have a few questions: I have reserved a Neptune Suite on the Nieuw Amsterdam at a pretty good price. I am thinking that a regular balcony stateroom would be fairly cramped for the four of us, as given the ages of our kids we will spend a fair bit of time in our room (for example, after kids go to sleep at night). We may also appreciate the space in order to eat dinner via room service on occasion when we don't feel up to the dining room or buffet. The NS is cheaper than two connecting balcony staterooms, and I think I prefer it as we can all be together. I've read a few negative comments on the sofa bed but am hoping that it would be sufficient for our two kids to share. Any thoughts on whether the Neptune Suite would work well for a family of 4 would be appreciated! We would plan to use the Neptune Lounge on occasion to grab quick snacks or to meet up with other family members staying in a separate suite. Will we feel comfortable bringing our kids into the lounge? I've read a few comments that imply that it is rare to see kids in the lounge, and in one case the poster stated that they would be disappointed to see children there. To clarify, we wouldn't plan to camp out for extended periods of time, and our kids are calm and highly supervised, but I do want to feel like we are welcome. I'm considering getting a Quench beverage package as I like my coffee, lattes etc and DH is addicted to sparkling water. I'm not sure that the cost savings would be significant, but I'm wondering if there would be value in the convenience of having the plan rather than having to charge every individual beverage to the room. Would such a package be worthwhile with access to the lounge? I've read that the lounge coffee is good, but am I interpreting correctly that most other beverages carry a fee? If I grab a can of pop from the lounge, can I charge it to the beverage package, or would it carry a separate charge? Thank you in advance for any advice!
  8. Thank you so much everyone - you are all so very helpful!
  9. I will definitely come back with more questions, thank you!
  10. Thank you so much! I’ve been reading menus but did not see that the pasta is made to order - that will work great for us!
  11. Hello, I’m looking into a family cruise to Alaska on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I was hoping someone could provide guidance on food choices at the Lido buffet, as I’d like to see whether it will work for one of my kids. My son has sensory issues and prefers very simple food with few ingredients - for example, if he eats pasta it is plain or with cheese, no sauce or other ingredients mixed in. I’ve looked at kids menus for the main dining room and can see that there are several items that will work for him, but I’m sure that on some nights we won’t feel like sitting through a formal dinner. Are there any basic picky eater-friendly menu items that are consistently served at the buffet? For example, if there is a made to order pasta or sandwich station, that would work. Thank you in advance!
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