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  1. JerryInIL- April 2019 is the best month - HAHA. Seriously...if you have some flexibility and can book a trip in the relative near term (after watching the river levels etc) that might be your best bet. Last Fall, our Gate 1 cruise was impacted by very low water. We moved our trip to be on the Danube the week of 4/21. In the Spring there is a greater chance of too high water. Even in the Spring I guess a spell of very heavy rains could cause even short term planning to go awry. Sort of a crap shoot to a certain extent.
  2. notamermaid I'm guessing you have seen this, but for others, here is a link river web cam in Linz. Pour a your self a beer and enjoy the view! https://linz.it-wms.com/ SammyMon
  3. Here is a link to a cool video showing a ship go under a low bridge with the guests on the top deck, you can see the wheel house coming back up at the end.
  4. Trig2018- We board in Regenesburg on 4/21 and disembark on 4/28. What day do you disembark in Budapest? Its fairly close between Regensburg and Budapest, about 645 km. If I could ride my bike 24 / 7, at an easy 15 kph pace it would take less than 2 days. 6.5 hours in a car. We did a Rhine River Cruise a couple of years ago and I remember during parts of that trip the easy going locals on their bikes were going faster than we were! Have a great time and get the crew broken in good for us!
  5. Our trip starts 4/14. We board the Monarch Princess on 4/21.
  6. Here is a link to the Pfelling Gage. This is a relatively shallow (during droughts) part of the Danube. For now, this looks good. Last fall many river cruise ships were not able to get between Regensburg and Passau. We were allowed by Gate 1 to move our planned Oct 2018 river cruise to April 2019. https://www.pegelonline.wsv.de/webservices/zeitreihe/visualisierung?ansicht=einzeln&pegelnummer=10078000
  7. Now I'm getting nervous...our ship due to sail from Budapest toward Vienna starting 10/20 with Gate 1, the Monarch Baroness. Right now the Monarch Baroness is on the Resgensburg side of the sallow area near Pfilling and is heading further to the East. See: https://pegelonline.wsv.de/webservices/zeitreihe/visualisierung?ansicht=einzeln&pegelnummer=10078000, AND there is very little rain in the forecast over the next two weeks. Has anyone had ship "swaps" using Gate 1? For a few weeks, I've followed the Monarch Baroness and as long it was "stuck" on the Budapest side I was feeling OK the that worst case we might need to ride a bus from Budapest to Bratslava (if the levels were low on that portion of the Danube). NOW I'm not sure if ANY Gate 1 ship even will be in the area when we arrive in Budapest in two weeks.
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