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  1. My first cruise was on the Holiday August 23, 1986. Having spent time in the Navy, I was not interested in doing a cruise. I went kicking and screaming! Best time I have ever had on a vacation. I sailed Holiday again six years later and was hooked there after. 34 cruises later, we are already booked for September and planning another. Thank you Holiday! Two of my best memories are the red English bus outside the casino (at midnight, they would lower the side of the bus and load it with the best ham and Cheese sandwiches for the gamblers) and the bar sold boxes of baked almonds with cinnamon dusted al over (never found them again and any ship, but I am still looking. Thank you Holiday! I will miss her always.......
  2. I have Verizon and just got off Horizon and Sunshine. I left cell off until I was in port and away from ship. Verizon has a $10.00 per 24 hour charge at each port. Funny thing, in the ports that I did not make or receive calls, but did receive and send text, I did not get charged. This was really cheap.
  3. All these are impressive, BUT not anything like the Millennium Cruise Gifts! We received a new gift each every night for 11 days! Some were edible like a chocolate clock with the hands at midnight on 12/31/1999, others were baseball hats with blinking lights, full terry cloth batch robes, Champagne with commemorative glasses, AND, on the last night, Carnival Luggage to carry the gifts home. Now those were gifts!
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