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  1. On 12/17/2019 at 12:06 PM, kiwichick62 said:

    Does anyone know if the codes will work for us in New Zealand/Aussie.  The sale is available here now.  I am waiting to hear back from my travel agent to see if I can get the upgrades without having to re-fare or re-book my cruise in April.  If they say no I will send my agent the codes and explain that other agents have used them successfully.  Cross fingers for me, the sale would mean big savings for us 😃

    I am an Australian Travel agent and I had no problem amending my clients to this new deal. In Australia it is called Oceans of offers. However please know it is not available on all cruises and the codes are different in Australia vs the US.  All promotions have codes attached to them, so when you input the code it is effectively re-faring the booking.  As an agent when we go into the reservation system , the system will only show the lowest fares. To see all fares you need to go into a different screen called fare comparisons and select the promo you want.  Hope that helps

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