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  1. We will soon be traveling to Costa Maya, and I am trying to figure out the best beach club as far as access goes. I use an electric scooter or a walker, and deep sand is the biggest problem. Sidewalks and accessible restrooms and helpful.
  2. Yes, easier access is important. I use a walker, and going across sand is difficult. Steps with rails or ramps are much easier. It sounds like money bar might be a great option.
  3. We are cruising on Carnival, and we have decided to take your suggestion. We are willing to pay more for convenience. How does the garage work as far as luggage goes? Do you drop your luggage and then park, or park and take luggage in with you?
  4. I live in the area, and I don’t think that any hotel in Texas City shuttles to the ship. Have you considered Uber from Texas City to Galveston? It’s not horribly far.
  5. I am looking for opinions on Skye Reef for the day. We are looking for a fairly uncrowded beach club with food, facilities, and decent snorkeling. We really don’t need an actual sandy beach. Other suggestions are certainly welcome.
  6. We are trying to decide whether to book a hotel with parking/shuttle, or just park at the terminal. Since we are coming in from OOT, we will need a hotel either way. The wheelchair complicates the situation. We’ve had horrible luck with taxi’s and some shuttles in the past due to lack of accessibility. Are we better off just paying the cost of port parking due to convenience?
  7. Thank you for a very helpful response. I looked at all three, and Pitaya appears to be really nice. I am hoping to find something not too crowded and busy. It looks like some take advanced reservations and limit the number of guests.
  8. We haven’t been to Costa Maya in years, and are looking forward to a port day in November. I use an electric scooter but can walk a little with a walker. We enjoy the beach and water, and ruins are of no interest. Neither is alcohol, so a nice beach club that isn’t alcohol inclusive would be a possibility. Any suggestions?
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