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  1. I decided it's too small. Looking pics online of that model, 11 people (13 with captain and mate) will "fit" but it would be too tight. For only $200 more we booked a 44 foot catamaran and will be able to spread out and relax 🙂
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! We ended up booking with SV Blacksheep http://svblacksheep.com/
  3. We're looking for a half-day private tour, snorkel and sightseeing, on a catamaran for 11 people while we're in port at St. Thomas in March. Prefer a sailing catamaran. We've looked on Tripadvisor and most of the highly rated ones are booked. Anyone with a first-hand experience on a boat that you recommend? ⛵🙂 Thanks!
  4. We're about to book a private boat for a half day on St. Thomas. It's a 35' Intrepid with cabin. They say maximum capacity is 12, we have 11, but looking at pics it seems a bit small for more than about 8 considering there's also a captain and first mate. Opinions welcome 🙂🛥️🚤
  5. We went to Bahamian Cookin'. Not as touristy as some places, mix of locals and tourists, some locals picking up lunch to go. Good food, generous portions, reasonable prices, friendly staff.
  6. We're visiting in a couple of weeks and are looking for a restaurant for lunch. Prefer walking distance from the cruise dock. Definitely want local Caribbean food and not too LOUD 😉 All suggestions appreciated.
  7. I agree! I have a similar Mariner cruise and got the $99 which I assume is about standard price. $116 looks to be above advertised price on the link a few posts above.
  8. Excellent reference for list price, thanks! Based on this we got a teeny tiny discount, 4 night cruise (one sea day) coming up later this year on an "All Other Ships" ship and we paid $99 each, $24.75/day.
  9. Hi Everyone, Saying you paid $125 or $175 is meaningless without knowing how many days your cruise was. Also helpful would be how many sea days because Unlimited Dining includes lunch on sea days. I look forward to seeing answers as I'm new to this and looking for info as other are as well. Thank you :-)
  10. Here's my rant against these Private Islands. I know (see other threads) that some people love them and think they're a good value, but you can be 100% sure that the only reason the cruise line spent those millions is to make more money. We got the Chill Island cabana a few months ago for an upcoming cruise, paid $299, today I see it's $799 for that cruise. I wouldn't be surprised to see prices stay high since there is a limited supply of cabanas and nobody but RC can build more so there's no competition.
  11. I just tried to send you a PM to ask who you're using. Apparently I haven't been on here long enough to be allowed to send messages :-/ If you can, PM me. Thanks.
  12. Don't call me cynical but, it's about keeping you and your extra spending money virtually "on the ship" for one more day of your cruise instead of taking you to a port where you'd spend your money with the locals.
  13. Apparently not as many savvy as you assume :-) We have a cruise coming up in March 2020 and our kids and other family members wanted two sets of connecting interior rooms. There were none available, and a large percentage of connecting rooms had only one of the two rooms open.
  14. Yes indeed. The risk is too great not to follow the "letter of the law".
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