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  1. Has anyone ran across a ship breakdown of casino square footage, slot machines, table seats per max passenger capacity? I'm wonder if certain lines or even ship classes have more comfortable sized casinos. I don't have a lot of cruising experience, but I've felt more cramped in RCCI casinos than CCL casinos. I don't have the numbers to prove that, but I thought maybe someone does.
  2. I think the Delta hump will be over with by the time any decision is made, so nothing will change.
  3. Yeah. but we live less than 30 miles from the port. It really seems a waste to get hotel on the island.
  4. If I understand correctly you have to hotel quarantine if you were flying, but if you drive, you're allowed to drive home. I wonder if you could just one-way rent a car home.
  5. I just heard from someone on the Carnival board about Uber pricing. She paid $45 to port from Hou, and $46 from port to Hou. This was off-peak times, but that is a whole lot cheaper than I was expecting.
  6. Wow. That is so much cheaper than I expected! I was guessing a minimum of $65. Thanks.
  7. How did you find out. Was it your kids debarkation test? And that translated into your cabin being tested?
  8. Do you happen to remember a roundabout price for that? I understand it changes, but there are always people in the departure port forum asking.
  9. I went to my local county site last week for a free test. Took a PCR test at 2pm and had results by 10pm. I think most places are considerably faster nowadays. Seems like most airports of any size can also get PCR results in a couple of hours. You may pay more for it, but it can be done.
  10. There will be horrible afternoon traffic from about 1030-500. It will be harder and more costly to get an Uber, but I think you'll find one. A taxi may be cheaper, so compare prices. If you're talking about after Labor Day, the prices and traffic will drop. And it will likely be easier to get a ride as well.
  11. What day are you getting to Hobby? And is that your embarkation date?
  12. A whole lot depends on where you're flying from as well. Think of the cities with multiple airports, and every airline under the sun. If you're leaving out of New York, Chicago, DC, or Houston, there's probably a good half a dozen flight that will get you to the Miami area every hour. Some us are used to dealing with more constraints, and some less. Last time I flew to an ocean cruise, my bag was 6 hours later than me. Something to consider if you fly the day of.
  13. Key West residents voted to not allow any more large cruise ships to dock, ever. The Governor overruled the people's wishes. I think that's the whole reason that port is up in the air right now.
  14. I would imagine there would be a reimbursement. Sad to see it's one less stop. I had guessed they would have replaced it.
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