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  1. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses! This is very helpful.
  2. Hi Everyone - My husband I are cruising with our two kids (3 and 6). Husband will be scuba diving in Belize. Any suggestions on what I can to do with the kids there - I'm hesitant to do any long excursions, given it will be just me. Calypso Train looks like it might be a good option, given it's only an hr (my kids love "hop on hop off" busses in other cities, so I think it could be a similar vibe...). Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you so much for the detailed reply! From this, I can see how it is easy to reach the price per day of the package. I also did not take into account the bottled water, which is very important. I am not a beer drinker either, and prefer certain liquors, so it looks like with a few (alcoholic) drinks per day I *could* even reach it. So, you are also saying that you are able to order the drinks for your kids using your CHEERS package, and generally that is OK?
  4. Thank you for your response! Yes, I am not sure I would get my money's worth. It is our first cruise as a family, so we are figuring all these things out. We also only have 2 at sea days. I can potentially see getting $s worth on those days, but yeah, not much time to sit around a drink with kiddos running around πŸ˜‰ Good call on using the $ for excursions, too! That's what I am currently looking into.
  5. Thank you! Newbie cruiser here πŸ˜‰ (Well, the last cruise I went on I was 16 with a friend, now I'm mid 30s with a family so basically a newbie). I've been looking at it more and think we might just do Cruise Cash bar credits to our S&S account to pre-pay for drinks, that way we are not breaking any rules. The kids don't drink sodas, but love sparkling water and will have a frozen drink (or two) a day, so I'm not convinced the bottomless bubbles would be worth if for them, either.
  6. Hi All! If my husband and I purchase the Cheers drink package on Carnival, can we use it to get our children juices at breakfast and (virgin) coladas throughout the day, as well? Or is it only for us to use for OUR drinks? I am not sure the $50+ per day is worth it for me (that seems like a lot of drinks), however my husband (with a few beers and a few cocktails throughout the day!) it may be worth it. Since we both have to purchase it, I'm considering if it is a value. Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. Thanks so much @TheLadyK!! Great advice! We're very much looking forward to our family time πŸ™‚
  8. We sound like similar travelers, in terms of what they do with us on vacation! I think the kids will thoroughly enjoy it. As a side note, we did end up with a different cruise line than Norwegian (decided on Carnival) which seems to have more options for the kids, as well. And a completely different itinerary with less at sea days! So, my original "plan" evolved but we're really excited!
  9. Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their responses! We decided on a warm port of based on everyone's input. I greatly appreciate the suggestions and sharing of your experiences. Our family is excited for our first cruise!
  10. This thread has great advice! We are booked on Carnival with our 6 and 3 year old for 6 days. They do many things with us, but I am warming up to the idea of them spending time in the kids club, as well! For the Suess breakfast, do you have to reserve ahead of time? I can't figure it out from the Carnival website.
  11. Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments and suggestions! Yes, the reason we are considering it is mostly because the idea of NOT flying with the kids is really appealing to me :-) the timing (Feb) works out really well with our work and school schedules, and we are interested in trying a cruise. We are a pretty easy going family, so I agree that the kids can/will likely be entertained by being on the ship (and I am actually looking forward to that down time, when I think about it more!). However I do wonder about the potential rough seas! And if perhaps, like you said, it might be better to try a different month or different port of departure.
  12. Thanks for your feedback! I have no been on a cruise for about 20 years so this would be new to us as a family. We take our children (now 6 & 3) with us on all sorts of trips, domestic and international, and they don’t need too much to be entertained- arcade, pools, shows should be more than enough! However it is a lot of at sea days, so I’m wondering if the novelty will wear off... Lots to think about!
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