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  1. Hi, we just got back from Egypt two days ago and I just posted a review of the Nile River Cruise that we did. Amazing! We sailed with a company who own 4 dahabiya's (traditional sailboat). I would absolutely recommend this. I would not recommend the larger, 100+ pax Nile cruise boats. Ugh, they were so big and ugly. If you have any further questions, just send me a message or reply.
  2. I don't see any other's that have done a review of a Nile River Cruise, so here I am to do one. We just got back from an amazing two weeks in Egypt, of which 4 nights were spent on board the dahabiya sailboat, Zekrayaat. This sailboat holds a maximum of 12 people. On our cruise, there were just 4 of us, with 8 crew! This cruise was a highlight of our trip to Egypt. Very relaxing and just amazing to be sailing on the same river that once carried Kings & Pharoahs. I loved watching life along the banks. The food on the boat was the best of our whole trip and the crew could not wait to do anything to make us happy. I highly recommend a Nile cruise on the traditional boats, Dahabiya. What I would not do, is the large, cruise boats that we saw many of cruising the Nile, that hold 100+ pax.
  3. Poor choice of words, I'm afraid. What I meant to say, was a lower key crowd, as in 55+. In other words, they have worked for a time in their chosen careers and are not in college, so they can afford a premium cruise line. Honestly, not elitist. I am turned off by people who brag about how much money they have or how many houses they own!
  4. Just got a call from Viking that 2023-2024 WC are on sale now! Wish we could go, but we want 2025-2026.
  5. We won't be able to do the Viking WC until December, 2025. But, that means in two years I get to book it!
  6. Andy, I have followed your blog and done my own comparisons. We love the Scandanavian design of the Viking ships, plus they have just the right amount of pax, not too big, not too small. No crystals or neon lights please! Light and bright. And, they are one of the newest fleets out there. We want nice cabin with balcony, good food, successful pax, but not too snobby. A destination focused cruise with 55+ crowd, no kids. Yes please! Oh and included shore excursion. Wow. We can't wait to do our WC with Viking. I even have my cabin picked out. It doesn't matter to us what the itinerary is. We will not have done most of the destinations no matter where it goes. ☺️
  7. After Crystal canceled our August 2021 9 day r/t London cruise, I called our credit card company Bank Of America and after giving them all required paperwork to prove that Crystal canceled our voyage and several follow up phone calls, I am happy to report that I received a letter from our CC that all monies $3,649 (a deposit we had placed back in January of 2019 for a Panama Canal Cruise, which we then later changed to the r/t London cruise) is a permanent credit on our card. Yheah! This would have been our first Crystal cruise, but after further research we have decided that Viking is more our style and that is who we will book our World cruise with in a few more years after the DH retires.
  8. Oh and the most memorable meal we have ever had was 2016-The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa! Amazing!
  9. 2017- Binkley's in Phoenix, AZ 2017-Patrick Gilbaud in Dublin, Ireland. We even had a celebrity sighting. The Edge from U2 was also dining there that night. This is a 2 star Michelin restaurant. 2015-Canlis in Seattle, WA. 2015-Cafe Juanita in Kirkland, WA. 1997-Fig's in Boston
  10. My husband has not yet retired and we still have a high schooler at home, therefore we need to wait till he retires ( 2 more years) and our daughter graduates and we send her off to university before we can go. But, you bet I look every year at the itineraries offered by our three preferred cruise lines!
  11. Hello WC cruiser's, As a future world cruiser (probably 2025 or 2026), we have mostly narrowed our cruise line choice to three. I know that itinerary is very important in deciding which line to go with, so I was wondering from experienced WC's or travelers, what their perfect itinerary as far as ports would be? I know that I would love to visit in no particular order, Easter Island, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, anywhere in Japan. What ports on your WC would you absolutely like to visit again and again?
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