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  1. It’s gotta be outta prise range for most people surely
  2. What after retirement and kids grown up
  3. When someone says a world 🌍 cruise is on there bucket list what do they mean?
  4. Wish I could afford a world cruise 🚢 in the next 2 years
  5. You really start to think about this when you was 7 I think about it now a lot I supposed I’m worried it won’t happen
  6. I’m hoping my early 60s early retirement present but that’s a long time away 😂😂
  7. I can’t stop watching that advert on the Cunard website the one that shows Sydney harbour Rio Hong Kong etc
  8. We’re is the nicest place you have been to on a cruise
  9. Do world 🌍 cruisers reguler cruise or do you get any people jump straight in for a full world cruise
  10. Do people have adult kids back home while on a world cruise and is it hard to be away for so long
  11. Is a world cruise a one off event for some or do people do more than 1
  12. are most people wealthy on world cruises or do you all way get working class people to :confused:
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