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  1. This window into the early years of RCCL is really cool to see, Bimmer. Can't wait for more pics!
  2. One thing that has been referred to but not expounded upon are the factors that determine the percentage of dressy dressers on a cruise. Someone noted that different ports seem to have different rates of dressing up or down, but to me, the biggest factor is the length of the cruise. If you're on a 3, 4 or 5 day cruise, you're not going to see many (if any) tuxes or suits. But on a 7 day, the percentage of dressed up diners goes up significantly.
  3. Why not, all ships tender in Grand Cayman. Not sure about Belize.
  4. In doing a little Youtube research, we found that Sabor, at least on Harmony, is priced ala carte rather than as a per person charge, like it was on a Voyager class a few years back. But on the RCCL website, Sabor still shows up as a Prix Fixe charge. Is it different on different classes? I wonder because we want to try it again on our Liberty sailing next year, but I'm really not as interested in the ala carte version. Also, the reviews of the ala carte version were uniformly negative. We had an okay experience (not great, but not terrible) a few years back, but I just wonder.
  5. I did. Voyager Class is 121' wide and Freedom Class is 184' wide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_of_the_Seas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyager_of_the_Seas Also, I've sailed both classes and the difference (in more than just length) is quite obvious. I'm not trying to be contentious or make Merion Mom feel bad, just correcting a factual error. Lots of new cruisers come to this site looking for information from more experienced cruisers, and it doesn't feel right to let them be misinformed.
  6. Actually, that's not correct. The Freedom class ships are about 60' wider and significantly taller than the Voyager class ships. It is the Radiance Class ships that are stretched Voyager class ships.
  7. Several have suggested that upgrading to an Oasis class might be pushing the limits of demand, but honestly, every single cruise out of Galveston has been filled to capacity and I see no reason to think that won't continue. Suites and balconies mostly sell out well in advance. Someone else also mentioned limited destinations, but that is a red herring. Galveston ported 7 day cruises have gone and can go to: 1) Cozumel (obviously) 2) Costa Maya, MX 3) Progresso, MX 4) Roatan, Honduras 5) Belize 6) Falmouth, Jamaica 7) Ocho Rios, Jamaica 8. Montego Bay,
  8. The "do we or don't we" question on the drink package (at whatever price you may find on a given day) is really one that depends entirely on your drinking habits, and not just as it relates to alcohol. For my wife and I, we are Diamond, so that covers drinks in the early evening, but we also like a beer or two by the pool, wine at dinner, a post dinner cocktail or wine, and, if we go dancing, which we often do, a couple of more beers. If that was all of it, the package wouldn't even come close to being a good deal. However, we both drink lots of bottled water and we both prefer the darke
  9. I don't think anyone is talking about taking away the Champagne Bar. On some ships, it has been renamed the R Bar, but it was basically the same. Also, during the day, the Schooner bar is also a very relaxing place to be on most ships.
  10. There are in fact a lot of Texans onboard every sailing of the Liberty OTS, but this does not mean that you will see lots of boots and hats, etc. Most of them will be wearing flip flops and baseball caps during the day and normal shoes for dinner at night. What it does mean, is that you will see a higher percentage of friendly people than usual. Obviously, Texas has it's allotment of jerks too, but you will see a higher concentration of actively friendly outgoing people. I've lived other places and I think that the number of truly good and kind people is about the same wherever yo
  11. I'm so happy to see that (so far) this thread hasn't devolved into the "they chisel and nickel and dime you to death" rants that we've seen on CC so many times. I do think that, all things considered, we find cruising the cheapest way to vacation, given our tastes. What I mean is, we enjoy good food, beautiful views, nice accommodations, good wine, etc. To get the same level of service and the same level of food, drink, accommodations, views, etc on a land vacation costs us probably twice as much per day as cruising. That may not be the same for everyone, because we cruise out of
  12. What I have noticed in reading some of the more recent cruise compasses is that they are often having dance parties in the Solarium. I've been to a couple of these before, and they are a lot of fun. It may be that some have reported no deck parties because they didn't have anything out on the main pool deck. I hope that is the case. The main thing that makes it so fun is being out in the open air!
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