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  1. Thanks to everyone for all your supportive comments! I thought I might be pelted with rotten tomatoes lol. I love reading about cruising and all your adventures on this forum.
  2. We did ask for table for two, but usually wound up in the middle of things at a table for four (not occupied by anyone but us).
  3. We loved our Alaska trip on the Noordam. We had a balcony on the Alaska trip, and one on the Mexican Riviera trip. We used our balcony more on the Alaska trip than the Mexican one as the heat and sun was too much on the return trip as we had a port side balcony. With the Alaska cruise we could sit out coming and going. We would do Alaska again. We didn't expect library quiet, but it was noisy. The MDR really surprised us with the noise level. My husband and I both commented this morning it was so nice to be home and have the quiet again. We never noticed it being overly noisy on the Alaska trip.
  4. The biggest take away from our Mexican Riviera Eurodam cruise (we just got home last night) is that we are not southern climate cruisers at all. While we like sitting around a pool in the sun, reading our books, and having a drink, we found the concept on a cruise ship just too darned crowded and noisy. Comparing this cruise to our past sun holidays to the Mayan Riviera stays at the Royal Hideaway, this turned out to be a bust for us. We like things quiet and no crowds and this was not at all what we found on the Eurodam. Overall the staff on board were lovely and very helpful (one big exception will be mentioned later concerning the Spa). Our room stewards were beyond excellent. Our booking at the Retreat Cabana for the week was hit and miss for service. We found service there slow generally to the point that we would go get our own food and drink. When one fellow was on shift, service was as described on CC. However the one big plus was it got us away from the crowds and noise so I shouldn't complain about lack of service. It was our haven from the hub bub on the ship. We found the noise level in the main dining room uncomfortably loud for fine dining. My husband has hearing issues and the noise made it uncomfortable sitting through a meal. Food was pretty good, but not excellent. Service was excellent and timely. Lido was fine for breakfast. We had one meal in the Pinnacle. Service was excellent, but food not as good as the main dining room. My Salmon was a huge serving of bland salmon that I assume must have been farmed salmon versus wild salmon. We are from the Pacific Northwest and know our salmon. My husband had a mediocre steak. We observed a fellow at the next table who had ordered a 23 oz. mega sized steak leaving most of it due to grizzle. On our past Alaska cruise, we booked the Thermal Suite package and used it at least twice daily. We bought it for this cruise and used it twice only due to malfunctioning ceramic beds (the best part of the package for us). We reported it twice to Spa staff on our first day who told us that two of the beds had no heat on purpose and the beds were not malfunctioning. Two of the beds were so hot that one had to put heavy layers of towels down to keep from being burned. So that left two working beds. So lineups for the beds weren't tolerable and we abandoned using our pass after two attempts. The General Service Desk called when we went down to complain and said the clerk said she would call the the Spa Manager and told me to tell her my concerns as they were a franchise and they could do nothing. After having a loud public conversation with people staring at me whilst they waited in line (phone was line breaking up and I couldn't hear her and wound up speaking so loudly that it was embarrassing to deal with in public), she said her manager would call me. She did and bottom line said no refund. Terrible in my opinion that HAL wouldn't advocate for us over the issue. So buyer beware concerning spa services. Disembarkation was fast and organized. A little tedious getting on. Our hotel the Wyndham Bayside was very convenient to the ship (right across the street). Very noisy room as we asked for the view and I tried to sleep with the patio door open as I am not a fan of air conditioning for the whole night. Room was nice and comfortable and staff were pleasant. However, they have two people in the lobby that sell travel packages that accost people each and every time they walk by morning til night. It was to the point before we walked by I would say to my husband "look the other way and and avoid all eye contact". It was horrible and I'm not sure why the hotel allows it, but it seems to be connected to their rewards system. We spent one more night at the Wyndham Bayside before flying home and fasted the same sales pitch each time we walked by the lobby. We were going to tour Old Town and when we arrived at Old Town we found my husband's wallet was missing. We had sat outside the hotel at a patio table while waiting for Uber. So we promptly called Uber and headed back to the Wyndham and by the Grace of God, my husband's wallet was sitting at the back of the chair he had sat in. Using Uber in San Diego was our first Uber experience and we were quite impressed with its speedy arrival and reasonable price. Getting hubby's wallet back was a highlight of the cruise lol. We flew home on Alaska Air first class and decided as we sipped our drinks that we perhaps just aren't cruise people. Even though we loved our Alaska Cruise on HAL last year. This cruise had a very crowded feel from the get go, and just wasn't suited to us. I am not a whiner and really don't have unrealistic expectations, but we paid a lot of money for this cruise and it was probably a 5 on the scale of 1 to 10. We are both 70 years of age so maybe all of my comments are based on getting old? My advice to people is to think about whether you are a cruiser personality or not. We are very quiet people and this just wasn't to our liking. It seemed to me the biggest activity on board was people eating non stop, and we found we ate too much out of boredom. I would rather stay at a nice resort and take day trips. We did love San Diego. Loved our tour of USS Midway and I shed more than one tear talking with the veterans on board. It was a beautiful city and next time I think we would just fly down and stay at the del Coronado Hotel and relax.
  5. Are you thinking the ship might not stop there?
  6. Thanks RuthC and sevenseasnomad. It is very kind of you to respond. We are very quiet non partying types. lol We both love to read and watch the world go by. Hubby is a retired airline pilot for Air Canada so he has had his fill of rushing around in big cities seeing the sights compressed into half a day--so he is up for just laying back with his book, going to the hydrotherapy pool and perhaps occasional room service dinners on our balcony. I am a retired nurse and I am more chatty than hubby. I look forward to putting in my 10,000 steps twice a day on the promenade deck and trying my best to follow the keto high protein diet with lots of fish and salads with the occasional bread pudding lol. I am an early riser compared to my husband so I will likely be walking the promenade while he snoozes. We love good coffee, and I have read that might be the weakest link for us on HAL lol. I packed a cup of insulated cups so I can go up to the Explorer Cafe to get some strong coffee to start the day. Not that we love Starbucks coffee, but it will be strong enough to wake us up. I have a million things noted on my cell phone such as your comments about things being fetched for us in the cabana and eating our first lunch in the MDR on embarkation day. Very helpful to us. Once it again thank you.
  7. We are on the Eurodam on November 4th. We plan on staying on the ship in a couple of the ports. We have a cabana booked. Where does one eat on the ship on port days? Is the MDR closed? How about the Dive In? Thanks.
  8. We just use our cell phone and the app for the airline. 24hours before the flight you can put it on your phone screen and you just open the app and show the boarding pass and they scan it.
  9. Yay!! Thanks so much. I am so excited to leave home and see San Diego and then sail on the Eurodam. I am consumed with making sure I have things set up for our house/dog sitter. I am so attached to my dogs that it is hard to leave them. lol
  10. We are booked on the Eurodam for November 4th. Is there anyway to find out if we will be following the scheduled route?
  11. We don't join a roll call because we aren't joiners. My husband is introverted and quiet. I am friendly and don't hesitate to talk to people when we travel. Most of my traveling friends are roll call types, but we just don't enjoy group situations with strangers. Our first cruise was years ago on Royal Caribbean, and we had assigned seating at large table with extended family. It was awful and not to be repeated. We were asked questions like "is British Columbia in South America? Do you drive on the right side of the road?" lol At the time, it was an overwhelming experience. We didn't want to create a riff by changing to another table. 30 years later it seems funny. But we are booked for open seating and will ask for a table for two.
  12. Are the fleet locations actual locations or are the locations where they are scheduled to be? I ask because I noticed the Eurodam was listed on this thread as being in Mexico during Hurricane Willa. I thought it got diverted to California ports? But maybe it is back on schedule.
  13. I just went to Value Village to shop for our cruise. Spent all the money on airfare and hotels in San Diego lol. I bought 3 midi length print full skirts, and half a dozen light cotton tops to mix and match. I will dress the skirts and tops up with nice necklaces. I think the midi length skirts would look just find with your running shoes. I have a pair of Arcopedio bright orange knit runners that I will wear with one of the skirts to the MDR. I always wear comfortable shoes versus heels. I have MS and I don't want to fall off my shoes lol.
  14. Hi, No we are cruising on the Eurodam on Nov.4th. Just discussing the what if's re: hurricane season. SF would be a lovely substitution if it happens. San Pedro doesn't sound too bad either.
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