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  1. We were on the Equinox last September for our 1st time in the ABC’s. We loved them and Aruba has become one of my new favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. GrazieMommy AKA Mr. Met’s DW
  2. Thanks for the wonderful thread. As someone in the healthcare profession it actually never dawned on me to check for placement of AEDs onboard but will definitely do so in the future. This story is yet another reason to love Celebrity.
  3. She helped serve the cappuccinos, espressos, & baked goods for about 30 minutes on sea days from 11-11:30 am. The waitress was still working as well as was the barista.
  4. We were aboard from September 14-24. I was very impressed with the captain and you could tell the crew loved her too. They all made us feel like family. I not only thought of Captain Stubin fro the Love Boat but saw on her instagram account that Jack Jones who sang the Love Boat theme song was aboard when we were!
  5. I’m so excited to follow along on your thread again. We first followed your previous thread on the Equinox before our trip in September and it was very helpful. We were in a sky suite S2 on deck 11 so I’d love to get your opinion of the S1 you’re in for this cruise. In your last thread you dined exclusively at Murano and I’m curious if you will do the same for this cruise. Cant wait to see more!
  6. Thank you for the update. Too bad it wasn’t a match. That would have been such a happy ending. Hope the ring and it’s owner are reunited eventually.
  7. Thank you so much. DH did a great job with videos. Ironically we were on a British Isles cruise during hurricane Irma and barely had time to fly out of Miami before hand. Glad you were able to enjoy the cruise as well.
  8. Disembarkation: Miami, FL- We arrived in Miami at 6:45 am. We arrived just in time for the sunrise. We got some pretty pics of the Miami skyline at dawn from our balcony. As suite guests we could depart anytime we wished after clearance from shore. We just needed to go to Michael's club, and our suite concierge, Aveline would lead us off the ship. She also escorted us on board on embarkation day. We dropped off our carry on luggage with Aveline so we could go for breakfast unencumbered. We decided that for the first and only time during this cruise, we would have breakfast in the Luminae dining room. We had a very nice and relaxed breakfast. We realized that we could have had breakfast here each day instead of on our balcony, if we had felt like doing that. It was definitely be so much more enjoyable without the crowd in the Ocean View Cafe. This was the other choice for breakfast as you can't have breakfast on your balcony on disembarkation day. After breakfast we headed to Michael's club to disembark the ship. We simply walked into Michael's club and informed Aveline that we were ready to disembark, and she immediately showed us out of the club and through the door to the disembarkation deck. There were two lines, one for most passengers and the other for suites guests. This may be for Elite and Zenith guests as well, but I'm not certain. We were very pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Captain Kate herself. She personally shook the hands of each guest and thanked them for sailing with the Celebrity Equinox crew. When I say each guest I mean all passengers, not just suite guests. I have never seen this except on the show The Love Boat! I have now been completely seduced by Celebrity Cruises. This was one of the best cruises yet. We can't wait to sail the Equinox again next July. We went right out to our luggage, picked it up, and went right out of the terminal to the parking garage. It was so nice to not need to wait to go through customs. This is usually the biggest wait of an entire cruise. So cool to have done this in Key West. I have really enjoyed doing this review. It's been a great way to relive the trip. DH made some phenomenal Go Pro videos he made of the cruise. Click on the links below to view them. https://gopro.com/v/1PmMnkklo8bn https://gopro.com/v/edQJk4o3lM97 https://gopro.com/v/rb1Pb3X953GO https://gopro.com/v/0X8vz9oV92vJ https://gopro.com/v/zR8QRMd3LG2R https://gopro.com/v/3vW5QPVRZqyL Bon Voyage!
  9. Day 10: Key West Key West was our final port of call. We did something very different at this port. As this was our last port of call until disembarkation in Miami the following day, we were required to go through customs on board before we could leave the ship for our stop in Key West. They said that it was because we were entering the U.S. before we returned to Miami the following day. We arrived in port at around 7:30am. US citizens were to head up to the Sky Lounge, deck 14 with our passports. All other passengers were to report to the dining room. We were each given a time slot to report and I think our time was 8:30am. We arrived a bit early, but they sent us right in to the lounge. We literally went in one door, handed our passports to a customs agent sitting at a fold out table, spoke with him, and headed out the opposite door where a crew member punched our cruise cards. This was to identify us as having already passed customs and would therefore be allowed to disembark the ship and head directly out of the terminal in Miami upon arrival. The customs agent asked where we were from, to which DH replied, " Naples, Florida ". The customs agent said, " Really? ". DH said, " Yes we're closer to home in Key West than when we get to Miami.". The agent laughed and waved us right through. We had decided that since we'd been to Key West so many times, that we would get off the ship, shop, and have some lunch, and get back on board to enjoy the ship with fewer passengers on board. We were docked right in front of the Margaritaville Resort & Marina. Parrothead hubby loved taking pics here, then we headed down to Duval Street. DH made me stand on the corner of Caroline Street and act crazy for a video, as he loves the Jimmy Buffet song:" There's a woman going crazy on Caroline Street, stopping every man she does meet". I begrudgingly obliged him, fearing someone would believe I was crazy. I should have realized that as we were in Key West, no one would notice! LOL. We passed by the Southern Most Point marker that delineates the Southern Most point of the USA. I got a nice pic of DH in front of it to add to our collection of pics of this famous spot. We headed back up Duval Street towards the ship to get souvenirs and money from an ATM. At this point my friend Cindi texted us to meet up with her. Her mother and she had taken the Conch train tour of the city, and her Mom wasn't feeling well and went back to the ship. Cindi showed us some pics of iguanas running around the city. They are not native to Florida, but they have become an invasive species. Now I wonder if they have befriended the chickens that wander the streets of Key West? LOL. Key West never disappoints with its various wonders and excentricities. We went to Captain Tony's Saloon, which is the original Sloppy Joe's Bar for some drinks and t-shirts. We couldn't find anything that appealed to us for lunch so we decided to eat back on board. We dined one last time in the Ocean View Cafe, took our dip in the Solarium pool, and headed up to pack and change for dinner. The show this evening was Elysium, a production done by the cruise production team. We decided to forego this show and head straight for dinner. This would be our last night to enjoy Michael's Club and our outstanding crew members in the Luminae dining room. It was fabulous as always. This was every bit as good as the specialty dining restaurant, Murano. We didn't try any of the other restaurants, but we hope to when we sail next July. Following dinner we headed to the casino one last time, and we each dropped another $20 and left. We were definitely not high rollers this cruise. We then went back to Cafe al' Bacio for one last cappucinno and espresso followed by more gelato. DH headed up to the buffet before bed, but having eaten myself into oblivion, I informed him that I knew how to get to the stateroom and headed up to bed.
  10. First a correction for Day 8: I said DH didn't buy a watch on the ship. DH aka MisterMet reminded me that he did buy a red banded Bulova on board. He will tell you that my observation skills are quite lacking! LOL. Now for Day 9: 4th Day at Sea - Yippee! Another day for rest and relaxation. Similar to the previous day's routine we started with our balcony breakfast and then headed down to Cafe al' Bacio for capuccinos and espressos. Following this we headed to the Captain's Clearance event in the shops for the end of cruise sale. Captain Kate was there autographing Captain's hats for purchase in the shops. She was gracious as always and posed for pictures with the ship's guests and spoke with all of us. Immediately following the sales event we headed to the Equinox theater for the Oceans Ahead: Captain's Corner for some Q&A with the officers. Cruise Director Dan France came out on stage and announced Captain Kate McCue, Chief Engineer Grigorios Mexis, and Hotel Director Julian Brackenbury. This is where they take questions from the audience including one from our friend Mary. There were several interesting questions, and their answers were excellent. I can't remember what the question was, but the Chief Engineer Grigorios mentioned that his wife was onboard for a visit. They put the spot light on her in the balcony section, much to her chagrin I'm sure, but she took it with style. My favorite question that someone asked was: "What is the strangest thing you've ever seen on a cruise ship?". Grigorios answered: " He once noticed bare legs and feet on the floor of the glass elevators in the promenade, and he ran up the stairs in time for the elevator to open. There in the elevator, late at night, was a bare naked man passed out on the floor! " Captain Kate said: " If I only had a dime for everytime I've seen that! ". Now time for lunch. We headed to the Luminae dining room for lunch in lieu of the buffet. We have had the burgers in the Mast Grill, and they were very good, but we had the best gourmet burgers in Luminae. I believe they were wagyu beef. OMG, these were outstanding! Following this culinary delight, we did our usual trip to the Solarium pool for a quick dip and back to the stateroom to relax. Once we were dressed for the evening, we met up with our friends at the Martini bar. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but this bar is an ice bar. We each drew something in the ice. I drew Let's Go Mets, as you may have guessed DH, aka MisterMet is a huge NY Mets fan. The show this evening was the singer Ashlie Amber. She was an American Idol contestant. She performed a Whitney Houston tribute. The cruise director informed us that she is a favorite of Capt. Kate, and she was in the front row for the show. After her performance, I have to agree with the captain. She has a beautiful and powerful voice. After dinner we met our friends up in the Sky Lounge on deck 14 for the silent disco again. We had missed the first one earlier in the cruise, but went to the Michael's club silent disco earlier in this thread. For our friends on board, this was their first. We each donned our head phones and rocked out with the DJ and the many revelers in the club. Each of us were dancing and singing to the 3 different types of music, and with the big crowd, it was even more fun than before in Michael's club. We left this a little early to get to the Equinox theater for Steve Bruner, the comedian from the previous night's show. He put on a litte bit more adult type performance, and as before, he was hilarious. DH and I decided to try our luck in the casino after the show. We hadn't been there yet, which is not our norm. We each dropped $20 and headed out to the buffet for more food as usual. Usually DH likes to play roulette, but he wasn't in the mood this time. Saved us a lot of money, I'm sure, to make it a quick stop. Off to the buffet for our usual midnight snacks and then to bed.
  11. Day 8: Sea Day #3: After 3 straight days of ports and excursions, this sea day was a welcome respite. Yahoo we could sleep in instead of getting up early to make it to our excursion on time. We had our usual balcony breakfast at a nice leisurely pace. We started the day heading down to Cafe al' Bacio for capuccinos/espressos. Unfortunately we never seem to resist the pastries, cookies, and even donuts. The captain arrived at 11am to serve as usual. She chats with the passengers like we're old friends. I really give her and Celebrity kudos for the accessibility and friendliness of the officers and crew. They make every passenger feel like a V.I.P. DH went back to the stateroom for a nap, and I decided to attend the presentation on the Galapagos & Machu Picchu in the Celebrity Central theater. It was very interesting as they discussed their new smaller ship just for these cruises. The Future Cruise Director Fernando gave the talk. The trip includes a night in a luxury hotel in the departure city and excursions are included in the cruise fare as well. Fernando recommended booking the airfare through Celebrity as you're guaranteed the ship will wait for you if there are any flight delays. This sounds like a trip of a lifetime, and when I checked the prices, I confirmed it would be, as it's very expensive in comparison to other destinations. Perhaps when we're retired someday. DH and I decided that perhaps we should go up to the sports deck to walk off at least a few of the many calories we had consumed so far. As you may expect, it was a bit crowded with sunbathers, so running on the running track is next to impossible. DH wasn't feeling up to a run, and I prefer to do my excercizing outdoors. Therefore a nice brisk walk was the extent of our workout. We made several laps, though I always lose count. Following the deck walking, we headed down to the shops to check out the watch sale. Ironically DH who collects timepieces didn't find anything that struck his fancy. I found several Anne Klein watches that appealed to me, but I decided against buying one as I use an Apple iWatch. This was monumental for us as we tend to always spend too much in the shops on board. After all of this browsing, we had naturally worked up an appetite. Time for lunch at the OceanView buffet. We had our usual salads to alleve our guilt, and then ate lots of delicious but less healthy foods like pizza and ice cream. We headed out to the main pool area to watch the Officers vs. the Passengers volleyball tournament. We saw this before on the Summit, and we really enjoyed it. This tournament was just as enjoyable. Then we headed to the Solarium pool to lounge in the quieter atmosphere. The main pools are definitely where the action is, but we prefer the serenity of the Solarium pool. Even this pool was a little crowded, but we managed to find a couple of chaisse lounges together. I had intended to do some reading, but I wound up going into a food coma. Time for a quick dip in the pool before heading up to our stateroom to change and head down to the theater for a matinee show. The matinee show was at 3pm. This was Broadway with your Production Cast Singers. They performed a medley of hit songs from a number of Broadway hits. This included both song and dance numbers from the various shows. It was quite enjoyable. Now we were off to shower and dress for dinner. This evening was the 2nd Evening Chic night. While DH took his turn to shower and get ready for dinner, I went to the martini bar to meet up with our friends to sample a few martinis before the pre-dinner show. I love to watch the bartenders entertain us with their artistic flair for mixology. They can make and stack several different martinis at once, and they even teach the passengers how to do some of these tricks. Once DH arrived, we were off to the evening show. Tonight's show was the comedian Steve Bruner. He was hilarious and didn't miss a chance to include the brave souls in the front row in his routine. Steve has performed on tv, cruise ships, comedy clubs, and with several famous comedians such as Bill Engvall and Ellen Degeneres. Following the show, we headed to dinner in Luminae. Dinner was wonderful as always, but we were treated to a special dessert. First we had macaroons followed by their chocolate sphere. This is a large chocolate sphere that is hollow inside and filled with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce. Our server Jesus poured a blue flame onto the sphere to melt the outer shell. It's a spectacular show and the dessert is sumptous. After stuffing ourselves to the gills as always, we went to the Grand Foyer for the Party Like Gatsby with the cruise director Dan. This was a dance party from the Roaring Twenties. Some of the passengers were dressed like flappers and they did the Charleston. We didn't stay until the end as we were tired and needed to rest up for another sea day of fun.
  12. I’m so glad you had a great time and that Dominic is still on board. I gave him a great review to Celebrity so I hope he gets a raise.
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