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  1. Hi, We have always cruised with our kids and so have enjoyed a table for just the four of us in the MDR. We are cruising for the first time without our kids next month. My question: will we be seated with strangers because we don't have small children with us? We've reserved our dining times, but are concerned as this is our first kid free trip and we are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. TIA
  2. My son is 5 and been on two cruises so far. He's a very picky eater, but both cruises made him eat more/different things. All the playing in the pool areas, excursions to beaches (the food they have is all you can choose from) makes a difference. He was just plain hungry so he was willing to try foods that he saw my husband, older son and I eating. This was on CCL and we aren't cruising RCL until March, but the plan is to bring goldfish, packs of crackers, etc like we've done the last two times. As long as its unopened packages and in your luggage, you're fine. We le
  3. Hi! New to RCL after three cruises on CCL. I was exploring the ship online and getting excited for our March trip when I noticed that in the Windjammer description it says "Fully covered shoes and shirts required" Does that mean no flip flops? I'm fine with wearing a full swimsuit cover-up so the shirt thing - no problem! Other than to dinner, flip flops is my go-to cruise/resort wear. Please let me know as closed-toe shoes were not on the packing list. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for this. For my 5 year old, what you mention above is about right and my 9 year old tends to order from the big menu. I guess my concern is that the buffet is not fun or easy with families. The lines are packed, seating limited and food - not the best. On Carnival and RCL, we tend to take them to the specialty burger or pizza place, or the taco place for lunch ... there the lines aren't as bad and we find a quiet spot. Walking through a buffet line with two kids and the plates...not my favorite. We never eat at a buffet for dinner and always do MDR with them or get room service for
  5. New to NCL and will be cruising the Escape. I am getting rather worried after reading about the new CEO and the cost cutting and cruises going downhill in terms of food quality and amenities! Eeek! We booked this trip as it worked out to be significantly less than the two cruises we were comparing against on Carnival and RCL. Anyway, i was looking at included dining and it appears quite limited in terms of kids (buffet or the pub). I guess I should have looked at that more closely upon booking. And while on the NCL site, I noticed that it says that 20% gratuity would be added to r
  6. Thank you. The only reason we are changing the equation is that the take all five offers is not offered for oceanview so in the grand scheme, it's less expensive to get a balcony or mini suite as we actually use all the perks.
  7. Thank you. I was searching for "family mini suite" and this didn't come up. However, I am still on the fence. Eeek! Is the larger balcony (which says room is 241 square feet) more actual living space? We always do Family Oceanview on Carnival just because it's 245 square feet and so more room to move and spread out than the balcony offerings (and has a separate 1/2 bath with a tub in addition to the bathroom/shower). I am wondering if it's truly 241 sq feet or does that include the balcony?
  8. Hi, Booked on first NCL and grabbed a family mini suite on escape. It appears from doing continued research that the square footage is really the bathroom and the tub appealed to us, BUT as the showers are glassed in (no water all over with showering down a five year old), I am wondering if a family balcony (B4) or a large balcony (Category B6 and says cabin is 245sq ft and balcony 70sq feet) might be better options. Also, I'm not clear how to tell exactly what the "additional bedding options" are for each of these stateroom classes. On all our Carnival cruises, the sofa turned t
  9. I'm new to NCL too and booked on Escape. Can you clarify further? If you're happy, can you buy one for each person in your cabin (including children) and have $1000 cruise credit for $500??
  10. Hi, We are booked into a Family Mini-Suite on Escape. New to NCL. Does it qualify for the "suite" level gratuities or is it standard? I wasn't clear. We are fine paying whatever gratuities we are supposed to, so don't take negatively. More curious than anything. So excited to try NCL for the first time after 3 Carnival cruises in a row. RCL in March so really trying to see what we like best. We have two small children, so stuck with Carnival until now.
  11. Will do. And are the specialty restaurants amazing to match their descriptions online? First NCL so we are getting pumped.
  12. I got it. So sorry. Don't hold it against me. We are still recovering from vacation. I meant Escape. Looks like a fabulous ship!!!!
  13. Hi we are just back from Carnival Breeze and eager to book another cruise. Thinking Norwegian Elation. Looks amazing. I was doing my due diligence and it appears that if my husband and I get the drink package, my sons must get the soda package. Is that correct? We have a 24 hour hold on a family mini-suite on Elation. It comes with the free beverage package which we will upgrade to include water and specialty coffees. What I noticed is that it appears my sons (ages 5 and eight) must get the soda package. My sons are not allowed to drink soda. Is this true and I read i
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