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  1. we travel with two small children and FTTF is great because of that. You can drop off their special bags of toys they carried on, check out Camp Ocean, eat in relative peace before the onslaught. We've only done it once so far and doing it again next month. When we did it last year, all our bags were in our room by noon. We did tip the porters a normal amount. It was great to be able to let the kids wind down while we unpacked before going back up and out for muster and sail away.
  2. Do you know if this applies at all ports that carnival sails from? Wondering if I need to ask when going on the Breeze next month as we have FTTF...
  3. You'll have about four hours assuming you want to be at the airport 2 hours before your 3 PM departure. Ron Jon's is open in the morning. The pier will be too but not all the restaurants yet. It's $15 I think to park at the pier or you can park nearby if a meter is available. There is also miniature golf near Ron Jon's and one not far from the pier. All would require a car.
  4. Disney Springs is further away from the Port than the airport. Definitely not enough time. It takes a while with traffic to make it to Disney Springs. Assuming you want to be at the airport by 1 PM, you'll likely be at the airport by 10 AM if my estimations are correct based on normal disembark. You can't do the springs in that much time. the springs adds about 30-45 minutes to your travel from the port, but just the coming and going is time consuming. There is a nice disney store at the airport to get gifts though.
  5. Port Canaveral - there is nothing really between the Port and the airport in Orlando to get lunch. I would just do the port transfer, relax and enjoy a lunch at the airport. You jump right onto 528 West from the cruise terminal and you'll be at Orlando airport within 45-1hour. We left our luggage outside of our room except one carry on when we sailed last fall. We were off the boat within a half hour. They call the cabins by floor number to disembark. We are sailing the Breeze August 31st so i can tell you more after that specific to the Breeze itself. We were on the Liberty out of Port Canaveral last and so I assume is very similar.
  6. We have FTTF booked for our August 31 cruise on the Breeze. Our paperwork states our "arrival appointment" is 12:30 - 1 PM. The ship departs port at 3:30 PM. Do we have to follow this appt as we have FTTF? Or do we get to arrive whenever? And, when do they start letting people onboard (keeping in mind we leave port at 3:30)?
  7. Thank you. Are you out of luck if you're with a travel agent?
  8. I'm new to this. How do you apply the gift cards to your balance on carnival? For example, my cruise is paid in full, but would like to buy the cheers package and do prepaid gratuities with these cards. Was unsure as to process. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  9. We always take our kids to Camp Ocean after dinner. We do stop by the cabin and put our 4 year old in his PJs before we take them. That way, when they put him on a palette (he'll tell you he's tired) we just carry him back to the room and put him to bed. The staff is always great about making him go potty before he goes on the palette. Worked great.
  10. I would check daily for the FTTF to open up. I did that last year and then one day about 6 weeks before sailing it was available (totally worth the money when cruising with kids and all their stuff). We sail in 6 weeks and bought the FTTF a year ago when we booked this cruise. I haven't seen it open up since we booked. All depends on the sailing. If you have time, try to check each day. Always easier to check with the Carnival Hub app on your phone.
  11. You too? I hope we meet you. Worried sick about my boys falling ill! Are you trying kids club?
  12. Cruising with first time cruisers and small children on Sunday. Am wondering if the swell from Florence in the Atlantic will have a major impact to our cruise (Canaveral to the Bahamas 4 nights starting on Sunday). There are some who get seasick deep sea fishing but am hoping the Carnival Liberty is so large that it won't be major impact. Any insight/tips/experience?
  13. Hi, We are cruising this weekend and got an email that we are confirmed for the late dinner seating. We had wait listed for the dining that was open between 6 and 9:30. Traveling with kids (ages 4 and 7) that will never be able to make it to a late dinner and I don't want to be stuck with just the buffet each night. Is there likelihood to get it changed when we get on the ship??? We also purchased the Faster to the Fun package as well. Thanks for any tips.
  14. Hi, Cruising this weekend with my husband and two small children from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas. None of them have sailed before (I have and have no seasick issues). My question is that they're saying for the coast of FL to expect four foot swells as Florence passes by. What type of impact does that have on the cruise ship (and passengers) to deal with swell? Will it be greatly felt as obviously the swells will be larger further out to sea. My husband gets seasick deep sea fishing and all I've told him as that you don't feel much of anything on a cruise ship. Now, I am very worried I'm going to have three seasick people with me and it will be all my fault. Any insights to offer? We won't be close to the storm, but I don't want to ruin cruising for them as it's my favorite. Thanks!
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