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  1. Thanks so much for posting all these codes! I was bummed that I would miss out on the discount since I didn't have enough AARP points. I got wayyy more points than I needed on Allstate and was able to order cards for my next cruise. Ya'll are the best!
  2. So if I prepaid and want to increase to new amount, what should I do? I know I can tip housekeeping and waitstaff directly, but not alternative services.
  3. Bill, I know you posted this awhile ago, but there are some more recent reviews on their resort for a day page. Now that I've seen this, I'm trying to decide between going there and a catamaran sail/snorkel!
  4. Obviously the Cheers! program makes money for Carnival, or they wouldn't have it. I would guess that there are way more people who don't reach break even than meet the maximum available each day. I also doubt that Carnival will change the price of most drinks to just over $20, or fewer people will want Cheers, which would in the end cost them, customers and money. I think they'll probably change things so adding premium alcohol where it doesn't matter (ex. fruity drinks just to "get your money's worth") will make it just over $20, but they'll continue to have most drinks (including alchemy) below the threshold.
  5. We did a similar itinerary a million years ago (2001) and just spent a few port days lounging on the beach and the others with intense excursions. We were a lot younger then 😂.
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