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  1. Which ship is doing that cruise? Posted 3 hours ago The radiance. 18 days. Sydney to Hawaii. Laughing my big fat heiny off on this one! Australian TRANSATLANTIC????? On the Radiance!>!>!>! Someone forgot to take their meds!
  2. Please pardon my wicked sense of humor but I think that the following applies to some members here:
  3. Like you said, they are 2 DIFFERENT companies and we are talking NCL here, not Carnival.
  4. I don't see that happening soon, FDR does seem to be the board of directors' and shareholders' darling 😞
  5. I hear you, Vince. We are also shareholders and Platinum Plus with NCL....not that loyalty means anything to them. Last year we did 7 cruises, only 1 was on NCL. And we only did that because it was a dirt cheap, last-minute deal on a 19-day TransPacific crossing. Other than gratuities/dsc....call it whatever you want, our onboard spending bill at the end of the cruise was a big, fat ZERO. To add insult to injury, we used a CruiseNext certificate when we booked that cruise. I say balls to NCL ! ! !
  6. All the whining in the world will not change a darn thing. If past experience is any indication, NCL will just stick to their guns. I suppose the only exception was that "no food to be taken out of the buffet" fiasco. Other than that, I really do not recall NCL ever backtracking from any decisions they take. There are a bunch of other cruise lines to consider other than NCL, at least that is what we do. Whining on Cruise Critic achieves nothing, it certainly is not going to make NCL reconsider. 😞 😞 Thank you
  7. 3 years ago we were doing a TransAtlantic from Houston (last sailing out of the then-new Houston cruise terminal) onboard the Jade. The ship made a stop in Miami where Frank Del Rio and his entourage boarded for a couple of hours. As I was walking by the pool, I overheard Del Rio chew out the Hotel Director for "consistently failing to meet targeted passenger bar revenue" .... I seem to remember those were his exact words!
  8. Yikes! I am glad our healthplan covers all our shots! No copay at all for either of us. We're in the LA as well.
  9. Oki-dokie and thank you for providing the "evidence".....smh
  10. OP, if you need a CruiseNext certificate to use for your upcoming cruise, we have one that in all probability we will not be using. Feel free to email am91741@juno.com Thanks.
  11. c r u i s e


    ah, the old Regal Princess. My all-time favorite ship.
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