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  1. Thanks for the advice Esilef, don't even know where my closest anaconda is to be honest
  2. Hey again Lyn Yes the Big W ones are a bit pricier then some on eBay and other online retailers but I know the brand so makes me more inclined to purchase them.
  3. Thanks for the advice reedy The Kathmandu brand do sound good, what are there shoe bags like?
  4. Thanks again Nelie. I hope your mum likes them, I want the red ones which is my favourite colour. Let me know if she likes them
  5. Thanks again Los I was also thinking about using some small ones for electronics and also one as a first aid kit
  6. Thanks again porky I'm not the hugest sushi fan but may try some on the ship, I am sorry to admit but I don't understand the fuss with these folders.
  7. Thanks Jess, I was considering buying the Kmart set when I was there on Tuesday but talked myself out of it still in my mind to try them and you are making that thought stronger now
  8. Thanks for the advice W2N I don't believe that they packing cubes will save me any space necessarily just make the space used better
  9. Thanks for the response and advice Goaliegirl
  10. Thanks for the advice ilini, 6 hotels in 14 days in Europe now that sounds like an amazing and stressful holiday
  11. Sounds like they are very helpful momto2js Thanks for the reply :)
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