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  1. The gold suitcase number and the +1 mean checked bag + carry on; such as 1 Checked Bag + 1 Carry On, or 2 Checked Bags + 1 Carry On. The On-demand refers to the fact that you have seat back entertainment that is available for your own selection at the times and shows of your choice; such as a long list of movies that you select to begin as you want to watch them, pause when you want, and so on.
  2. Yes, you can work with Viking to customize your air to what you like. You pay a small fee to work with their air department directly, and then if the route you select goes over their contracted limit you can pay the difference and have them book it. I've done this many times for my own air, and for clients. It's a very good program.
  3. Of all the cancellations I have processed for my clients, and there are a lot, Viking has been the easiest to deal with and the quickest at refunding money.
  4. Although you are not pleased with Viking currently, I have to disagree with the statement they are not customer oriented. Of all the travel vendors I have dealt with since March for my clients and myself, they have performed better than all the others. I know it’s frustrating that you cancelled before they did, but you cannot blame them for this. And paying with a new voucher for a new cruise and getting 100% value sounds fair.
  5. My understanding is that the Regal will end in Sydney on April 9, and then will make it's way to Europe with a To Be Announced itinerary, and then sail from Southampton on April 30; and that the Grand will end in Southampton on April 30, and then make it's way back towards the U.S. on a To Be Announced itinerary. Either ship is fine by us though, so not a consideration.
  6. I am also booked on that sailing, and the ship has not been changed. My understanding is the change will occur shortly after that sailing.
  7. terry&mike

    Sri Lanka visa

    In some ports this is true, but in Sri Lanka you'll need the visa. Good news is that it is a simple and inexpensive visa to obtain.
  8. I agree with this statement. I have had 4 cancelled Viking bookings due to COVID for clients. In all cases, the clients received their money due back to their credit cards in less than a week. They are easy to reach on the phone, their supporting paperwork is being emailed quickly. There is no other cruise line I have dealt with since March that comes even close to offering this type of service during the pandemic. Yes, I agree their early payment request is a tough one, and sometimes they will move the date for final payment and sometimes they will not, but in a crisis situation they are tru
  9. Similar to one of the posters above, we use Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, and also purchase an annual GeoBlue travel insurance policy. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card sounds expensive when you first consider it, at over $500 a year, but we find that we receive at least that much value in return from it.
  10. Good call on your part. Last night I received emails from Scenic/Emerald cancelling all of their sailings for September and October 2020. I am in the U.S. market.
  11. Very enjoyable read, thank you! I'm scheduled to sail with Emerald Waterways on the same itinerary in mid-October. Hopefully, the ship will sail, and I can get there from the U.S. We'll see.....
  12. I am on Grand from Singapore to Rome, March 23-April 20, 2021, and it looks like this cruise is right on the cusp of the change. Currently, this sailing will still be on the Grand, but as the details emerge it could get moved to the Regal. No worries though, I'm okay with either.
  13. Obviously my coffee had not kicked in when I posted this. I meant I "find a bit of levity helpful" no brevity! Hah. Although I do appreciate brevity too.
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