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  1. Oh darn, I was hoping that could be a solution. I hear very good things about Aqaba though, so should be a fun alternative.
  2. Did you see Avram's quote below yours about golf carts? This may be able to help you.
  3. We are on the Grand Princess, Singapore to Rome, March 23, 2021. Stops in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Aqaba (for Petra) and several other ports. DH and I are also on the Emerald Azzurra Red Sea cruise with a small group, Feb. 5, 2022, which starts in Aqaba.
  4. What do you think of the idea that Avram3 posted just after you on the tour to Petra with the possibility of adding the camel or cart for transportation? Do you think that would work for you. I'd be in for that tour if we kept it between 7-10 people (7 or more get us an English speaking guide for the full day). If you think that wouldn't work, the port town of Aqaba is a beach resort town with a promenade and some charming atmosphere.
  5. Hello windsor26, you might not have realized it, but this is terry&mike from over on the Grand roll call. Oman Day Tours does have a full day tour to Jebel Shams that we would consider. I'm also thinking of just taking a shuttle or taxi from the port over to the Mutrah Market area and strolling around.
  6. Scenic is in a very good position financially, and has continued to keep it's new builds for ships such as the Emerald Azzurra on track during this virus, so will likely fair okay when this is over. It is my opinion, but I believe your Douro cruise in October will sail. Portugal is on track to open earlier than most European countries for tourism, and river cruises will be able to navigate the new normal better than ocean cruises due to their smaller passenger numbers. I also have an October Douro cruise, but on Scenic's sister line, Emerald Waterways, and I think it will sail. If you don't feel comfortable traveling in October, then you might want to go ahead and cancel now and you should be able to receive a credit for your deposit which you should be able apply to your Russia cruise next year. If you already have a booking under deposit for Russia, that price is locked in. I am using should, as I'm assuming you are in the U.S., but if not there may be different procedures. Although Scenic isn't offering a money back option, they are being generous with the use of their credits. You can use the credit towards an existing booking, or towards a new booking, you can use the credit yourself, you can allow someone else to use your credit, you can use it on Scenic River, or on another one of their products (Emerald Yacht, Emerald River). As to options for paying your final payment on the due date, you will need to pay that or the cruise will cancel.
  7. I was able to get re-booked with Scenic, and received my new confirmation yesterday. Was booked on a river cruise to the South of France for July, 2020, which Scenic cancelled about a week ago. Re-booked same itinerary for September, 2021. Very pleased with Scenic's handling of the re-booking.
  8. Scenic just cancelled river cruises through August 31, so there went my south of France sailing. Trying to decide if I want to book a small bike and barge ship I found, or rent an apartment around Avignon or somewhere, or scrap the whole thing....
  9. I am in a similar place as you. I have a saved document where I have all of my information on cancelled trips, credits due, refunds due, and so on. It is a lot to keep up with. Thus far we have had 3 trips take a fall, including a fabulous trip to Kenya that I was leaving next week for. Our next journey involves a Scenic river cruise in France in July, I'm still holding out hope....
  10. notamermaid, I wanted to take a moment and applaud the government of Germany, and your Chancellor Merkel. During this interesting time in our world, your leadership seems to be a model for how to steer through a crisis.
  11. Welcome Jazzbeau to being the host of this board! I am familiar with you as I read a lot of the boards that you currently monitor, and find you to be both kind and fair. I am sorry for the staff reduction at CruiseCritic, but I know the travel industry is hurting now. I am a travel agent myself, and these are tough times, but hopefully they will pass soon. Like you, I very much look forward to being on a ship again soon!
  12. Usually your host agency is a franchisee, or their own agency, and you would be an independent contractor under them. For what you have in mind, yes, the usual set up is that you would pay a set up fee at the beginning, usually $300-$500, to have access to programs, training, online resources, etc. Then many have a small monthly fee, usually around $15, for online access, email storage, etc. Then you split your commissions with them, which can vary depending on your contract.
  13. I am a travel agent, I have clients flying all over continually, and I also travel quite a bit. I can tell you that in discussing air bookings with each of my clients, they each have their own thoughts on airlines they won't fly, such as "anything but Delta (or United, or American, or British Airways, or put in any major carrier here) as I ALWAYS have problems with them being late (or cancelling, or rescheduling, or put in any complaint here)". There has yet to be a consensus on any airline that is avoided or adored by a significant amount of clients as of yet.
  14. Is there any chance that you requested to have the air ticketed? Sometimes clients request this done so that they can upgrade seats, etc. If so, at that time the Flexible Air becomes ticketed air, and is no longer refundable. I doubt this is the case in this instance, but wanted to mention it for others that may be reading it with similar circumstances.
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