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  1. terry&mike

    Lisbon & Secrets of the Douro, Emerald Waterways

    Thank you for the link to the reviews - I hadn't even thought about checking the review section!
  2. I have recently booked on an October, 2020 sailing with Emerald Waterways (Lisbon & Secrets of the Douro) because the special group pricing was too good to pass up. I have sailed on several river cruise lines in the past, mostly Viking, but not an Emerald yet. If anyone out there has recently sailed with Emerald, especially on their Portugal sailing, I would love to hear your thoughts and experience.
  3. terry&mike

    time needed at LHR

    I'd go with the 3:30pm for the peace of mind.
  4. terry&mike

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    I'm following this because I'm sailing on Royal in May, but I really think I'm following it because I want to see both of your avatars!!! I have a 15 year old yellow lab sweetheart, Bailey, who is approaching "moving on from us" and your avatars make my heart swell up!!!
  5. terry&mike

    Large Proportion of Asian Cruisers on Grand?

    You did not imagine it. China is the fastest growing travel market, with millions of "new tourists" with money to spend and an interest in seeing the world. Cruises and land tours are their preferred travel style. Travel companies are spending a great deal of money to market to this giant, previously untapped market.
  6. terry&mike

    EZAir re-fare refund?

    I would imagine you will need to have your agent do it. As I am both the agent and the guest, I called Princess directly in my situation.
  7. terry&mike

    EZAir re-fare refund?

    Sometimes you have to call to have them push the amount back to your credit card.
  8. It depends on the cruise line, the deal they made with the cruise line, and how often they are actively booking in to the group. A TA with a good relationship with the line or with their BDM (line rep) can hold a block of cabins for a good bit of time.
  9. There are times when a travel agent will have group space held on a ship
  10. terry&mike

    Great Price on cruise, terrible prices on airfare

    Copenhagen will generally cost you a good deal more to fly to/from than Rome, if that helps in selecting your cruise.
  11. terry&mike

    Bali Hotel needed

    Thank you!
  12. terry&mike

    Which cruise would you recommend?

    The first consideration is the cruise line profile - Holland America is a slightly more mature and sedate demographic, Princess is a slightly more diverse and lively demographic. In Japan, I'd go Princess hands down, as they are extremely good in that market, with a very good enrichment program that includes on-ship cultural activities.
  13. terry&mike

    Great Price on cruise, terrible prices on airfare

    You should check all the sources you have for airfare, because you may have multiple sources. Check the cruise line air first as often their contracts have very good rates internationally. If you booked with a travel agent, they can also offer you consolidator fares that can be extremely good. And the open market, by running your dates and options on an aggregator site such as skyscanner, kayak or similar.
  14. terry&mike

    Advice- Flights to bcn

    $345 for 2 up to Business is an unreal deal for international. I'm concerned that is up to Premium Economy, not Business....
  15. terry&mike

    My big Princess EZ Air question

    That's my suggestion. As you are flying Business/First, if there are any issues head directly to the lounge and work with the agents there to get a new routing. No lines and top level service.