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  1. The interior havana bar is open to all guests all the time. The outside bar and pool area is for Havana guests only until 7 pm.
  2. I was on deck 7, cabin 7456. No one could see into our room. If you are on the balcony standing or sitting close to the door, no one can really see you there either. Step a few feet out and you can be seen from the rooms and the lido deck above. Not sure on deck 6. You may be able to see in those rooms from the havana hot tubs since they are elevated above deck 5.... I guess I just never really looked to confirm.
  3. I guess the neck pillows didn't make it. None on the loungers on our cruise. Your comments on the pool temp are similar to my experience. There was only really one day the water in the pool was not really cold. I still jumped in a couple of the cold days, but not without some temporary discomfort. Also note, it is salt water. I learned that the hard way.
  4. I didn't mention this earlier, but I fully agree. I definitely felt like I missed out on some of the things that made previous cruises so memorable. I felt compelled to spend the majority of my time in the Havana area because I paid extra for it.
  5. You are welcome... I think haha. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I hope no one is under the impression I'm difficult to please. I'm not. I enjoyed it very much. Just not enough to justify the extra expense on the next cruise.
  6. I mentioned the need for a 2nd bartender in my post cruise survey but not to guest services. I would never expect no waiting, but I waited longer at the Havana than any other bar on the ship. So far as the grumpy bartender... I just let it go. His grumpiness wasn't directed at us. I won't call out people by name and potentially impact their livliehood over something like this. Like I said, I had an amazing vacation.
  7. My gosh, what have I started haha. I appreciate everyone's passion on this forum. I have no regrets about booking the Havana area, nor the extra price we paid for the experience. We got what was advertised - an adults only area with a dedicated pool, hot tubs, and a bar. Carnival did a good job checking wristbands and politely asked non-Havana guests to leave on several occasions. I guess I just expected more - better service primarily. If you want a relaxing cruise, with no kids around, and mediocre service, then Havana is a good option if budget allows. Regarding service, if Carnival would staff a 2nd bartender at Havana, much of the mediocreness would be resolved. One bartender is truly overworked.
  8. Beachiekeen - We typically travel to adults only all inclusives in Cancun/Riviera Maya, so I fully understand the no kids position. This was a break from the norm for us. The main pool was full of children, but the tides pool was mostly adults. I imagine most kids want to stay closer to the waterpark area for the most part. I booked this trip intentionally for a date when schools were still in session, but I was still surprised at how many kids were on board... I guess everyone homeschools now a days. But I agree - to each their own. Just not worth it to us.
  9. Correct. There are both aft view and wrap around balconies. Butterbean was referring to the Havanna Cabanas on the 5th deck. Havana Balcony rooms are on deck 6 and 7.
  10. I sailed May 5-11 on the Vista in a Havanna Aft view extended balcony. Here's my thoughts: The good - The room itself was great. Room attendant was fantastic. This was our first time in an aft view and I really loved it. The Havanna pool area was really nice and never really crowded. There was no towel game and plenty of loungers available at all times. The pool was typically pretty cold, and most people stuck to the hot tubs which were warm but not hot. On the first sea day, we did really enjoy our time in the Havanna pool area. The meh - The Havanna bar was staffed by one bartender who was resposible for both the inside and the outside bars. Service was slow. We nicknamed the daytime bartender Grumpy Cat. He was irritated basically the enitre cruise. He snapped at the waitress more than a few times while we were sitting at the bar. The other bartender was fine, but not much on personality. Now let's talk about the music. I get it, it's a Havanna theme, but the limited rotation of repeating latin music got really old. There was strangley even a Christmas song in the rotation we heard 4 different times. I wish they'd mix in some other songs just for some variety. We stayed on ship for one port and decided to go to the main pool primarily for a change in music. On the second sea day, we started at the Havanna, but ended up heading to the Tides pool for better service and better music. Nothing above ruined our experience. We had an amazing vacation. But if we sail a Vista class ship again, we'll skip the extra expense of the Havanna area. Just not worth it to us.
  11. Thanks for your review. I've really enjoyed following along. I'm on Vista next week with a stop in Costa Maya. I have Jaimie's book... I'm starting to reconsider. Maybe we'll just do some bar hoping along the Mayachan area. Wonder if they will charge me to cancel.
  12. Sorry to revive an older post, but this deal is still available. Carnival gift cards are 10% off and can be purchased in $100 for $90 or $500 for $450. You can choose regular mail or an e-gift card.
  13. I've shopped at the Cajun Market a couple of times. Just be prepared for elevated prices compared to what you are probably used to. It is convienient though.
  14. Sure enough they did. Every little bit helps. Thanks Tiger and WorkerBee.
  15. Mine went down over the weekend and I called and knocked $120 off my fare, while losing a $50 OBC. Today the fare is the same, but they are offering $100 OBC. Wonder if they'll add that to my booking if I call? I'll give it a shot after work. BTW - It pays to watch your fare closely. I've knocked $200 off through watching the rates. I've saved an additional $300 taking advantage of a couple AMEX offers.
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