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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to thank you all for your kind, detailed and encouraging replies. I have booked today, so there’s much to look forward to by the sounds of things.
  2. Hello all, Interested in anyone’s thoughts — I’ve been keen on trying a cruise for some time - there are some aspects of the UK cruise happening this month (on the 21st) that appeal. Firstly it seems to be excellent value for money, especially with no single supplement. I am also absolutely desperate for a relaxing break and it seems like it should definitely tick that box. The idea of just spending some days watching the coast go by definitely appeals after what has been a really tough 18 months. On the other side of the equation I’ve never actually been on a cruise so far, and as I haven’t found anyone keen on joining,I would be going by myself — which potentially as we are still in the middle of covid may be doubly bad — happy to eat etc by myself but don’t really want to get on a ship and have a total hermit existence for a week. That and I get the general impression that at 40 I am probably going to be at the younger end of the general demographic. As I say nothing decided yet, although clearly time is running a little short. Am I mad to be considering this?
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