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  1. Enavigo you're sailing on Escape the 9th? Whats your room # so I can speak to you if your theory goes to hell in a handbasket? Ill raid your mini bar. lol like I said if it were just me and my wife Id gamble but Im thinking of my children now. I feel for those that would lose 100% of their money but I live on LI and we have the insurance and can just reschedule the trip for another time at a small cost. Prayers....
  2. NCLs statement to me was"NCL would never put our crew and passengers at risk" No doubt but they will sail through storms to make port to stay on schedule. Passenger comfort be damned. I don't fear the ship sinking but a crew, who are use to passage with bad seas, is not the same as 2 small children.
  3. My wife and I with our 10 and 7 year old are booked on this cruise. Ive been urging my wife to cancel due to the obvious reasons. I feel the seas no matter our port are going to be rough to say the least the whole time. We have the insurance and were told we can reschedule although there would be a 25% penalty. Im fine with that because I do not want my children to be scared in anyway and seeing some videos of cruise ships in storms has made my decision easy. My wife says "storms are unpredictable so it could be nice" I love her but at times shes stubborn. If we were alone Id say lets roll the dice but if my children had anything less than a dream vacation it would devestate me. Any words of advice or encouragement? Thanks all. C U @ sea????
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