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  1. Hi everyone, Would anyone know if there are Carnival ships going to Hawaii from Vancouver in 2021 or 2022? I've been looking but can't see anything yet, maybe they haven't released the itinerary yet? Thanks
  2. SeaTrailer, can you give a few details about Karakter beach? Interested to know more... cost of taxi, how long it takes to get there from pier, etc
  3. Oh wow, thanks so much for all the information! That's so helpful
  4. Yes! I was hoping to have dinner on the beach at sunset!
  5. Thanks so much, very helpful!
  6. Hello everyone! I was wondering if Aruba was fairly safe after dark? I am planning a sunset excursion and just want to make sure it's fine to be out in the evening and take a taxi back to the cruise ship at about 8pm? Thanks in advance
  7. Enjoying your review! It's fun to see what you think of my home city! If you are looking for a swanky lounge to visit next time, try Bacchus lounge on Hornby street. Its in the Wedgewood hotel. It's absolutely stunning! One of my most favorite places to enjoy a drink and live piano music. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  8. I have the same hair type (long, thick, wavy) My favorite products for hot holidays are from the Davines line (especially since you can get all the products in travel size) -SU Hair and body wash -SU conditioning Hair Mask -Sea salt spray for styling I have taken these on the last 2 cruises and they are amazing. Also I'm a hair stylist 😁🌞
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