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  1. Hi I’m really struggling with what to do with our day in Martinique. Do you recommend a beach day? Or, does anyone have any experience with taxi Norden Vincent or Beyond the Beach? Thank you!
  2. Thank you! Glad I asked as would have expected the cruise shuttle to be well organised.
  3. Hi my friend and I are arriving separately to SAN juan so I need to get myself to the pier. The Royal Caribbean transfer is actually slightly cheaper than a taxi for a solo traveller. Has anyone used this before? Is it rorganised well and not a lot of waiting?
  4. Hi looking at possible excursions for a future cruise. Planning on a private trip to waterfall, spices, etc in Grenada. I also found a small group tour on Martinique that goes to rainforest, river etc. Are the two islands quite similar where one tour is adequate and beach at other.. or will we enjoy two different tours? Thank you.
  5. Hi there’s a cruise we’re keen on from San Juan.. departing at 8pm. If We arrive at 1230 on a direct flight, should that be enough time to make it? We are not able to fly out the night before. Thank you.
  6. Hi does anyone recommend jewel of the seas or freedom of the seas for any reason? There are two similar itineraries I’m decking between? We are both middle aged and no kids. Thank you.
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