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  1. Although there is plenty of temptations on the ship, there are many healthy options Portion control is the key. That and common sense.
  2. I quit packing a tie years ago. Still take a sport coat and a button down shirt.
  3. If he is staying in the same cabin with you is should not be a problem.
  4. I usualy cut a couple of peaces of stiff cardboard about the size of a credit card. Last time I used cardboard that was inside a shirt. It will work fine and if you forget it in the slot and the room attendant throws it away (they are supposed to) it does not matter.
  5. From where I am in Ohio I will probibly take 77 most of the way. Anybody driven that lately?
  6. Glad you enjoyed your cruise. I live in Eastern Ohio and am planing to drive to Port Canaveral for the Sept. 29 sailing. How was the drive going down there? Was there much construction along the way?
  7. The biggest drawback is the traffic. If you are driving it is terrible. If you are flying in and using transfers just be patent and let someone else deal with the traffic. Once at the terminal the process is not that bad.
  8. This is from their website. Non-alcoholic beverages brought onboard may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom. Hope this helps.
  9. AARP uses Expedia never had a problem with them. The recent experience was with book.
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