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  1. And I got the same exact email as well. Sad to see no acknowledgement that they disenfranchised the West Coast...
  2. Well, they've certainly succeeded in p***ing off all of us West Coast customers. Imagine making an offer only to people in the East...or those of us in the west, but only the insomniacs who are up and on their computers at the crack of dawn...basically telling us "Look what we did while you were sleeping but we have nothing left to offer you!" OTOH, they've also rendered the Captains Club perks virtually worthless...so, maybe it matters little anyway... BTW, my wife likes to watch shows like American Idol and the Voice....and I always laugh when they have "Live shows"
  3. San Francisco has a LOT of hotels....and all over the place...and in all price ranges. And everyone has a different opinion as to the "best place to stay". As a cruiser, I have certain criteria I use. First, convenience and transportation. Do NOT rent a car in San Francisco. Driving is difficult for the uninitiated--steep hills, blind intersections, one-way roads...and, worst of all, very little parking...and what there is can be EXPENSIVE. Besides, in the City, you really don't need a car...buses, taxis, Ubers, cable cars and BART make it really easy to get around. But, ev
  4. Ours was time-stamped 6:12 am...and it was "full" when I awoke. Serious "East Coast Bias". And it sucks...For us, our NEXT cruise, the first one, hopefully, post-Pandemic, is on Apex...and I REALLY want to see the webinar...I'm not just in it for the points. And, based on past comments on this thread, I'm assuming a lot of those folks who filled it registered BOTH spouses separately and plan on logging on to insure points and leaving it running as background...or other "not really interested but free points are free points " folks...
  5. bigboofer, It's NOT my "position" and I am not disagreeing with you. I KNOW you don't like paying all of that extra money...and I can understand that. All I am saying is that the cruise line doesn't like taking up an entire cabin on the ship with only a solo cruiser (and they would like it even less if you were only paying one per person fare) because their financial model is based on every cabin paying two fares AND buying an average amount of all the things they offer for sale. AND, since YOU don't pay for drinks, shorexes, casino, spa services, gift shops, etc.--and that works out v
  6. My estimates were CONSERVATIVE. For example, say someone buys a "Bourbon and Seven" on the ship. Celebrity charges $9...plus a tip of 18% which takes care of the bar crew. If I wanted to make the same drink at home, I buy a .750 liter bottle of Jim Beam--which costs $10 RETAIL here in SoCal (of course, at home, I buy the 1.75 liter bottle--which costs even less--about $18, cheaper at Costco)...but, say it's the smaller bottle. At one ounce per drink, that's 25 drinks per bottle...that's 40 cents a drink. Add ice and fill the rest with 7 Up--which I can buy, retail, for 99 cents for a two-
  7. I hate to break it to you, but cruise lines NEVER really want solo cruisers. Why they never wanted to give a discounted fare, to charge double, is that by having a solo cruiser, they are giving up one berth on the ship...BUT, they were still giving up a lot of potential revenue--one person in a stateroom also pays half the tips, buys half the drinks, buys half of the spa services, goes on only one shore excursion in a port, buys half as much in the onboard shops, spends half as much in specialty restaurants...and so on... If the ship sailed with only solo travelers, the cruise sh
  8. As someone who, in 60 cruises, has cruised in everything from inside cabins to major suites, I have a different take on whether ANYONE is subsidizing anyone. The answer, to any material amount is NO. Yes, some people get a few more perks than others: Suites get a lot of extras, Captains Club members, depending on status, get a few extras...but, really, none of those extras mean any cost to Celebrity which constitutes a material percentage of cruise fares. A few free well drinks or free laundry or a bag or two of laundry or some free internet minutes or that tiny scoop of gelato cost them p
  9. I am guessing that when a vaccine is in universal distribution, any of this "shorex only" talk will be gone. That issue is only because people are looking for how to resume cruising while the pandemic is still running rampant.
  10. There are cruise lines where everything is "all included"...and others where everything is ala carte. All inclusive tends to be more expensive. Someone once told me thy loved a particular luxury line because "they don't nickel and dime you for the drinks and other stuff"...and I responded, of course they include that stuff--because they are charging you six times the price... For years, I've read posts here from my friends from the UK complaining about how they don't like being required to pay gratuities...because back home, they don't. I've always explained that it's a differen
  11. Quite to the contrary...First, though, yes, I do not know what YOU might be thinking...Your thought process might be completely irrational. You might have chosen that cruise because you liked Celebrity's recipe for Chicken Parmesan--and, on that cruise, they never put it on the menu. You might have chosen that cruise because you liked the pillow last time and this time they changed the pillows...Yes, people choose cruises based on many, many factors...But, in the end, you know those things are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. But, that is NOT what I am talking about. As a MATTER OF LAW, certa
  12. The problem with that thinking is that, in exchange for all you've paid in cruise fares, you got to go on a lot of very nice cruises--which is exactly what you bargained for by buying the cruises. Pay some money, go on the cruise. That pretty much completes the contract. The Captains Club program...and its perks are NOT part of your cruise contract. It's an extra...a marketing ploy..."points" are not a material consideration of the contract...and the actual terms of the contract--EVEN IF accepting everything on the website and other marketing materials as if it becomes incorporated into th
  13. You would think they might spend less for two reasons...1) They get a lot of stuff others pay for as perks...and 2) Cruise enough and it's somehow less special...the person who has gone on only one or a few cruises in life often wants everything as a memento. OTOH, the person who cruises a lot likely has more disposable money whereby the one who saved their whole life for one cruise is likely on a tighter budget... However, truth is it is VERY random...There are first time cruisers who spend a lot...and others that pinch pennies...and there are frequent cruisers who pinch pennie
  14. Well...again, "to be truthful", I never have been allowed to sit on a jury. I tend to get thrown off of jury duty every time...Sometimes, in criminal cases, the defense objects--because I started out my 42 year legal career as a prosecutor. In civil cases, it has been either side at times...or even the judge...sometimes because I know the judge...or one or more of the attorneys...If not that, it's often one of the parties just because I've often represented what they perceive of as the other side. Many attorneys choosing a jury--especially plaintiff's counsel in civil cases or defense coun
  15. I used the word "perks" because that is what they are...they are the "perks" of the Captains Club (yes, as distinguished from the overall marketing perks, but perks just the same). Go to the Captains Club page on the Celebrity website--they are refered to there as "perks: "You’ll earn points on every sailing and enjoy discounts, offers, and perks..." And, sorry to tell you, if you keep reading through all of the terms and conditions, you come to this line: "The Captain's Club program terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice." Yes, that sucks..
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