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  1. Lol, I know. I'm from the posh end of Burnleh (that's not an oxymoron, 'onest).
  2. So much easier being a bloke. One wallet, one pair shoes, two pairs trainers, job done. 😋
  3. Go on then, there's enough logic in there to let you have that one lol
  4. While it's mildly frustrating, I wouldn't let it bother me in the slightest. There will always be people who are going to be inconsiderate, even after you might challenge them, so I'd probably joke they were southerners 😏 and crack on.
  5. Maybe "happy" is not quite the right word, but I know what you mean 😋 But I thought £4 in our posh local for it was expensive, guess I should think again lol
  6. Only just read this. Bloody hell, that's outrageous. I'd have probably said forget it when they asked for the money lol I remember going to Wembley in the early 90s to watch Burnley (yep, honest), and seeing "Special offer, pie and a pint £8". Back then I could have got that three times locally 😂
  7. Yeah, I'd suggest as above too, find a tour bus/taxi for $20-30, away from P&O, and have a few hours tour (sometimes including an hour or so for a beach, or a nice walk around). We've done Barbados, Antigua and St. Kitts like that, and felt it to be well worth it. #uptheclarets
  8. Well, we've decided to give P&O and Oceana a try, in January, so will see how we go. Sure we'll be fine regardless, as we're not moaners, and always ensure we're occupied as best able. It'll also give us a better impression of whether Aurora to Canada next September for a big birthday remains on the list after sampling the cruise line 🙂
  9. Thanks both. I'm certainly past the age of all action, but just worry we'll personally struggle to stretch things out across up to eight sea days. Though one cannot argue at the prices and no flying lol
  10. I'd received an email about these this morning, and of course the prices are fantastic, but having had a read on the web and looked at a few videos, the Oceana looks a pretty boring ship to me, with not much in the way of diverse activities to keep you occupied across many sea days. Is that a fair assumption, or not?
  11. Luckily laying on a sunbed is something I rarely want to do, but on the rare occasions I do, I'd personally only deem going for a quick swim, toilet break or to the bar as fair reasons to retain the sunbed. Anything else and I'd be moving my stuff.
  12. Perhaps P&O entertainment team could introduce a brand new event to the itinerary for the late night revellers ... I give you "Taser Quest" 😋
  13. I hope this incident puts enough people off P&O to force them to drop their prices, especially for a particular cruise I have my eye on 😏
  14. Another point to remind about when considering drinks packages is of course the proportion of sea and port days there will be on the cruise (assuming you'll get off at most/all stops).
  15. It's also a bit unfair to call others selfish. If I hadn't read this on here for example, I wouldn't have even considered that leaving a balcony door could possibly unduly affect anyone else (certainly not to the extent suggested).
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