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  1. I can certainly sympathise with you. We booked for this June too, well before Covid was a word. But we've had to pay the balance, and yet still, just 8 weeks out, have had no cancellation confirmation. While I appreciate the predicament the cruise industry is in - like so many others - I can't say I'm overly impressed with how their actions have impacted the customer. I have flights, hotels I'd really love to be able to sort out however I can, a drinks package I'd like to start to get the ball rolling on for a refund - and I can't really commit to doing anything safel
  2. Most of it appears to be common sense, and broadly as expected, but I have to admit I'm not so sure I'd actually fancy it in practice.
  3. As an IT person myself, I feel I must defend us from these common misconceptions that we are always to blame 😉 This type of incident will, I'm pretty sure, have been entirely down to the trading teams, and how they setup the available options. The amount of times teams I have been part of have been called to try and sort issues that ended up being down to *****-ups caused by traders is astronomical. 😛
  4. I remember one evening when some bald headed chap had us all marching in pairs strung out around the pool deck singing 'Is This The Way To Barnard Castle?'. We were all in fancy dress, wearing thick rimmed glasses, and some short fella called Ronnie couldn't keep up and fell over. Oh how we laughed. Great times. Sorry Andy, couldn't resist. As you were 😂
  5. I'd personally agree with what Wowzz has said, and we'd generally do our own research and DIY where possible, and moreso on the small Caribbean islands. Much cheaper in the majority of cases, less crowded, and more opportunity to spread the time weighted to your particular preferences. Unscheduled detours can also be good. On a Barbados trip for example, I wanted to see the cricket ground on way back to the ship, and the driver was so chuffed about that he not only stopped for free but gave me an unofficial mini tour and talk. Good luck with the motion sickn
  6. My most vivid memory of a song on a cruise ship - my blazing interactive karaoke version of Ghostbusters on Oceana aside 😏 - was of 'Al' on an RC cruise who sang My Way, not once, not twice, but about a dozen bloody times! Aaarrrgghhh!! 😂
  7. He'll be getting a restraining order on you before long! 😋
  8. Possibly depends on how interested in being or keeping British you are? For example, the comedians I saw on P&O fared much better to us than the Americans on an RC transatlantic, who bombed (although that brought its own amusement!). Quizzes were more detailed, innovative and interactive on P&O, whereas on the others they mainly simple Q&A and over in no time. Food I feel is comparable quality wise (decent enough), though it has to be said there was much less choice on P&O (both MDR and buffet). Activities are far more sedate o
  9. She passed the baton on to Susan Calman a couple of months ago. Wonder if she had a premonition of the pandemic!
  10. You'd think as a Huddersfield Town fan you'd have a sense of humour. 😏 Oops, sorry, an unfair slur on the Terriers. 😢 Jesus! 😮
  11. Sigh, it was clearly - I'd have thought - a comment intended as humour, not to be literally dissected.
  12. As Wowzz says, you can apply online and attach your own photos. Just find a plain light wall for your background, and job's a good un.
  13. To throw a curveball in, is there not somewhere in the world you've particularly fancied visiting? Perhaps let that take priority?
  14. Redknapp not only snaffling a free cruise but getting paid for being on it. Sounds about right. 😉
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