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  1. Looking at the weather outlook it would seem that the possibility for cruising proper to resume in the near future is doubtful. Maybe if significant rainfall is experienced later in July then maybe cruising could start again in August. Well, my husband and I have sailed with Viking four times previously: China in 2004, Russia in 2005, Amsterdam to Budapest in 2009, and Egypt in 2010.... So far we're two for four: First time we ended up tied to a floating dock along the Yangtze as flooding upstream made it impossible to navigate through the yet to be completed Three Gorges Dam. Then five years later, our passage along the Danube beyond Regensburg turned into a bus tour due to low water levels. Unfortunately it's beginning to look as though our 50th Anniversary cruise along the Elbe will also become a bus tour... So much for viewing my ancestral home from the water.
  2. My question to you, Tampa Girl, would be how do you plan to navigate from your current location to an area where you are able to scrub up without touching the elevator button, a hand railing, or the handle to open a restroom door? Every contact your hand makes with these items spreads germs... just sayin'.
  3. Much more severe than a simple head cold Krazy Kruisers and RuthC...
  4. Not the Norovirus... Symptoms included sneezing, coughing, and a post nasal drip. It spread throughout the ship as passengers continued to cough into their hands and then touch everything in sight, spreading the contamination. Ship staff needs to educate passengers to cough and sneeze into their elbows to contain the spread...
  5. Just disembarked on February 13th and while I agree that the Crow's Nest is a lovely place to curl up with a good book, HAL offers a very limited number of reading materials when sailing on the Koningsdam. While they seems to have made provisions for the smokers, drinkers, and gamblers on board, HAL appears to have ignored the intellectuals. Bring back the libraries, please, or we will find other cruise lines which will accommodate us!
  6. Lots of sick passengers on the February 3rd sailing...
  7. Unfortunately many patrons selecting a river cruise fail to realize that the success or failure of their voyage is dependent upon water levels in Europe as well as elsewhere... Low water levels may cause the riverboats to scrape bottom whereas high water levels may not allow boats to pass under low bridges. Some companies such as Viking now have scheduled riverboat itineraries so that they have matching sized vessels sailing above and below problem areas so that their passengers are able to switch boats mid-cruise which allows passengers to still experience most of their journey by water. Of course that involves packing up ones belongings, boarding a bus transport to the other riverboat, and then unpacking in your corresponding cabin on the other ship... Not fun, but far better than having your river cruise turn into a bus land tour. My advise would be to check to see if the company you are booking your cruise with has this option covered before committing to a cruise. My husband and I learned this lesson the hard way on our Grand European Tour with Viking back in 2009 before they had a matching sized vessel for the Legend and our cruise turned into a bus tour in Regansburg.
  8. Thank you moki'smommy & Shmoo here! Although I failed to respond in a timely manner, I did appreciate your help. Booked aft cabins on Deck 7 and we're looking forward to cruising on the Fantasy in December with our extended family... LT2
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