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  1. Oops I should have mentioned the ship in my OP it's the Millennium.
  2. That's wonderful to hear. I love seals. We signed up for it but worried it was a gimmick.
  3. I usually go with Nationwide because they have cruise specific policies because of extra benefits. Ie you rec money if ports are cancelled or itinerary changes. I buy through insure my trip. I'll ask about AIG. Thanks for the info!
  4. X is offering an up close tour of the glacier on a seperate tour boat during scenic cruising. Is this something new? Not sure if it's worth the money. Anyone done this yet? Thanks for any info
  5. Not in the tip pool. meaning they get no tips from anywhere. I hope they get paid a lot more than other staff positions.
  6. How did you get the 20% off the drink package?
  7. Loved HAL's food & their service.
  8. I would not have paid it. I only tip extra for really good service.
  9. Definitely check. Over a week I saved $160 on our Caribbean cruise and that one is 6 months out. Have to be careful you can lose your OBC promotion with refares. Need to make sure refare is higher than promotion OBC like the recent $200 one for $2019. If the promotion is still going on it's not an issue.
  10. Your TA has to make the changes if you have one. I check everyday for price drops and have her make adjustments if there are ones. Not being able to do a mock booking would definitely cause problems on knowing if there was a price drop.
  11. Thank you for the info! Enjoy your sky suite. That will be lovely on an Alaska cruise. I'm worried we will not be able to get a flight if we wait to book 45 days out and the costs will be high. I have to find out how the travel insurance will work with if we book the air fare 4 months out and then adding on the cruise fare.
  12. I'm planning on becoming a last minute cruise buyer. I haven't decided if I'm going to cancel my 2020 cruise and rebook a month out before sailing. If I don't I'll start fresh in 2021. No pax should be cursing at the top of their lungs expecially at the pool. It's not decent behavior. I thought cruise lines had rules on this.
  13. We DH & I were on NA Aug 2018 we saw 1 whale and no other animals from the boat. The prior week the natuaralist recorded lots of animal sightings. It was still a great trip. Loved the crew on NA. We are sailing Millie a X ship mid June 2020. It's a southbound trip. Hoping for more success.
  14. BTW my DH would book the Haven because it's exclusive & he would want to feel important. Lol he would freely admit that. It's a factor but not a main reason we would try it. I could care less about those reasons. I probably wouldn't tell anyone we were staying there. Now others will think my DH is being ridiculous and that's ok. I sort of agree with them 🙄
  15. How does the regular PH & Haven differ. I just thought the PH was in the Haven section. Ihave never cruised NCL. I pop in on different boards to get a feel of the cruise lines to see if I'm interested. Thanks
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