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  1. I thought the cruise was covered as a bundle. I did speak to a insure my trip.rep 2 months ago who of course thought my flights would be reimbursed if my cruise was canceled. I can't get to Canada if my cruise doesn't take me there. I've used my insurance through my credit cards to get money back much more than I've used my Nationwide policies on my last two cruises.
  2. Oh No I purchased my policy last June but I don't think that's going to make a difference. I was hoping that I could get my money back on my flights. I did not want to take vouchers.
  3. X is uping the chicken game with Alaska cruises by saying they are looking into itinerary options. I want a refund but I don't want them to decide my Alaskan cruise is now for an example a Caribbean cruise. Under our contract they can do that. Right now X wants cash I don't think they are concerned about keeping customer loyalty.
  4. I just heard that manufacturing plants are temporary closing in the USA and Canada this might impact people's ability to purchase cruises in the future. I am worried that the big Cruise Lines won't make it. I told myself I was going to buy the stock if it went below 10 but I just don't know anymore. They did bounce back after the recession.
  5. I'm buying Disney. I still haven't pulled the trigger on RCL I'm waiting for it to go down in the teens.
  6. When I checked CCL was up so was RCL. I thought the drop would be steep.
  7. I got Disney at a great price. I thought the cruise stocks would tank today but they keep going up. I will probably buy if they go lower.
  8. The answer to the question about Alaska cruises does not make me happy..
  9. It can be done but not sure if it needs Congressional approval. This might be X Back-up Plan. I can see Donald allowing it.
  10. When I called Nationwide they said that depending on the reason for my cruise being cancelled I might not get the money back on my airplane tickets. My flight wasn't canceled. Trip Interruption pays if you are on the way to or from your destination. I can't get to Vancouver where I fly home from because my cruise never left Alaska. That should be a reason for me to get my money back on that leg of the trip. An agent at insure my trip where I bought my policy said that I would be covered for the cancelled tickets.
  11. They are still taking bookings for my June 12 cruise. I think that's shady. Because most likely X knows the itinerary is going to be changed or cancelled. Pax will have to deal with the hotel and airplane costs that they will probably never use.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if the US puts a temporary halt on the PVSA so foreign ships can sail from Seattle to Alaska without stopping in a foreign port.. Maybe X know something that the public doesn't.
  13. It depends on the policy. Some policies exclude pandemics. If it didn't exclude pandemics then yes it should cover the cost to change the airline ticket. if the policy doesn't have trip Interruption then I'm not sure.
  14. Sadly United is only offering a refund or a waive on change fees for flights up until April.
  15. Thank you for the helpful info. It was a Chase Sapphire card that was used for to purchase the hotel & a flight.
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