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  1. I Ieave my shirts (doesn't need hangers) & shorts in there cubes on the cruise I pull out the cube I need. Cubes keep all my items organized in my suitcase. Easy to pack & unpack on the ship. My DH doesn't like them.
  2. Last day X sale I picked up T-shirts for $4 & a cute summer purse for $4.99.
  3. I take out travel insurance on all my cruises but I'm not sure how the plan would work. Because of the recent situations I'm going to call and ask about what if situations. If I'm stranded in Barcelona can I purchase a new ticket to home. Or do I first have to get to Rome but what if I miss that flight? If my cruise is extended to 8 days because of propulsion issues how much will my policy pay for new tickets? Or will it pay because it was my choice to go on the cruise.
  4. My DH & I brought binoculars to our Alaska trip last year and we ended up not using them. We returned them so I don't remember the specs but it was a decent pair. Nikon good ratings. We saw better out of my husband's DSlR camera.
  5. Our Caribbean price has dropped quite a bit since we booked it. AQ is now the original price of our Verenda. I told my DH I will book AQ if the price between the two is $200. Ideally $150. We are on the Summit which means the PG value will be severely limited We are sailing AQ for the 1st time to AK on the millennium in 2020. I picked the cabin for the location.
  6. Oh I thought the ship was going make it to Rome the last stop. Has NCL announced if there will be any compensation for the pax onboard?
  7. The 1st major trip I went on was a land tour in Italy.. I took out travel insurance my friend did not. Who do you think got sick and had to see a local doctor in our hotel and fly home early. Not me. Now lol insurance didn't help me but you never know the future.
  8. Wow that is a fantastic balcony price for the HAL cruise. The 12 day is almost 1/2 the price of a 7 day X cruise. HAL has great service & food.
  9. Does the future cruise credit include the promotions from the cruise that was cancelled?
  10. Your pictures are beautiful. We went to Alaska mid August on HAL in 2018. We did see a bear with their cub in a rainforest sanctuary but it definitely was not the same. Hopefully we will see some bears in icy strait.
  11. Yay I have hope that I will see some. I haven't picked out my excursion for Skagway after learning Neets Bay was a no go because I was going in June.
  12. I was looking for that excursion but never saw it. When are you going? I don't think it was ever offered for us because we are going Mid June. We emissedit on our HAL cruise because it was booked up.
  13. Oops you are absolutely correct about the movies being above. I mistakenly typed the wrong location. I'm sailing AQ on the Summit in 2020 in 1105 I'm hoping I will not hear any movie noise.
  14. I have not stayed in these cabins but AQ on deck 11 are above the movie screen & sunset grill on the M ships There have been a few posts about the noise from the movies and the musicians at Sunset.
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