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  1. Interesting documentary, but I thought it was funny that most of the clips supposedly showing life on board the ship weren't on the Diamond Princess or any Princess ship for that matter. Lots of clips showing the Oasis Class RCCL ships, etc.
  2. If you look at the 30-year average stats from the National Weather Service, the end of the season is definitely much wetter than the early and mid part of the season in the SE Alaska ports. For example, if you compare June with August, Ketchikan gets about 50% more rainfall in August, Juneau gets nearly twice as much rainfall in August, and Skagway gets more than 60% more rainfall in August. September is even wetter on average, getting between 40% and 100% more rainfall than August in each location. The other advantage about earlier in the season, as others have stated, is the lo
  3. I agree with this. The Harbor Authority here in Victoria has tried to push the idea of Victoria as a home port for cruises. For similar reasons, this proposal hasn't gone anywhere. The lack of good air access is an especially big impediment. Cunard was marketing some of its 10-day Alaska cruises out of Vancouver as round-trip Victoria - that is they were going to block off a certain number of cabins and allow people to book these as Victoria to Victoria 10-day Alaska cruises. It didn't happen this year, thanks to Covid. Perhaps cruise lines could do something similar out of
  4. I agree. With Princess now using an exchange rate of 1.40, it makes more sense for Canadians to pay in USD with the actual exchange rate currently at 1.352. And as you say, it's much easier to find US TAs that discount.
  5. My favorite spot on the ship! If I have the choice, I would always pick Sapphire/Diamond or Island/Coral over the regular Grand Class ships because of the wider promenade with loungers. I believe the Sun Class ships also have the wide decks with loungers, but it's been about 20 years since I was on one of those.
  6. You are correct, at least in my experience on both ships. The Sapphire had the full loungers while the Star only had shorter length chairs. The narrower deck on the Star would limit the amount of walking space if they used the full length loungers.
  7. But the promenade deck on the Sapphire is even wider.
  8. Holland America is also extending their cancellations to June 30, and guests can get a refund or a 125% FCC. Interestingly, with the FCC option, HAL is also giving a $250 per person on board credit. If Princess did the same, it would make my decision on which option to take easier.
  9. No, that''s not correct. U.S. citizens are exempt from the ban.
  10. That's not correct. U.S. citizens are also still allowed to enter Canada.
  11. The headline seems a bit misleading considering the border remains open to both Canadian and U.S. citizens, who account for over 90% of people entering Canada.
  12. But note that U.S. citizens are exempt from this travel ban.
  13. New Zealand has also imposed a ban, similar to Canada's, until June 30.
  14. The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, outside of Halifax, is probably the most-photographed in Canada. It can get a bit over-run by tourists at time, but it is beautiful.
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