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  1. I have always been able to enter my wife's data for any cruise using only my sign-in. We have B2B 14-day cruises set for June/July 2022. The app automatically linked the two cruises and I entered the information for both of us. We renewed our passports this year and I entered the new numbers and new passport photos for both of us. We are both currently in the green lane. No problems with the app here.
  2. Sounds like you ;picked the wrong cruise line.
  3. I found this thread interesting because I'm sort of a watch freak. I have several, from different manufacturers. Some self-wind, some battery, and some Eco-Drive. You will very seldom ever see me without a watch. I put my watch on as soon as I get up in the morning, so you will find me wearing it at breakfast. It's the last thing I take off before going to bed at night. If I take a nap, I do not remove it. My current favorite is a Rado, self-wind, followed by a radio-controlled Citizen Eco-Drive that has both analog and digital times. It appears that I'm odd-man-o
  4. I was talking about the photo of the passport itself, not of me. The system allows you to change your passport number and the expiration date, which I did. When it came to the photo of the passport itself, there was no way to edit the old passport photo out and take a picture of the new one. There was a button that allowed you to remove everything on that page and I suspect that is what will need to be done to replace the photo of the passport. However, since that picture is so small, perhaps no one could tell the difference. I was just curious to see if anyone had a
  5. Yesterday I was filling out the Ocean Ready information for our cruise in 2022. As part of that I updated our passport information as we had to renew our passports that would expire later this year. The passport number had changed so that information was updated, as well as the expiration date. However, I did not see an option for replacing the photo, absent removing all of our old passport information, which I would assume would also remove the photo and you would just start over. Has anyone encountered this and what was your solution, if any?
  6. Regardless of what the cruise lines do, you might still need to be vaccinated to travel. If the CDC instantly removed any vaccine requirement, but one country on your cruise itinerary has a requirement for vaccination, then you'll have to be vaccinated. It does not matter whether or not you intent to go ashore since you are entering that country the moment your ship crosses the 12 mile limit countries maintain as jurisdiction. Vaccination requirements would apply at that time. Cruiselines will likely be required to insure that all passengers show proof of vaccination to board - just like s
  7. I'm 72 years old and don't cruise on ships with all the bells and whistles. I could care less about that stuff. I was talking about the rust that is appearing on the back and sides of the ship. I've been to Hawaii 4 times, including multiple week stays, and I have been on over 20 cruises, so no need to lecture me about cruise ships, cruises, or Hawaii. The rust makes the ship look tired, at least on the outside.
  8. We are also booked on this 28 day itinerary. For Kazooartist, we live in the GR area.
  9. Judging by a couple of those pictures she looks a little old, worn and tired. I hope not since I have a cruise booked on her.
  10. We have been on about 24 cruises and one had one early return and that was only a one day loss on the cruise. The reason was the ever increasing cases of norovirus onboard. The cruise line did everything they could to mitigate the issue but could not bring it under control. Passengers didn't help as we watched dozens of people bypass hand washing and hand sanitizing stations at will. We returned to Fort Lauderdale and the cruise line took very good care of us. Oddly, we returned to port on 2/1/20, the beginning of the pandemic, with no corona virus onboard, only norovirus.
  11. We are booked for Feb 2022 and I have my doubts about that cruise sailing. The CDC "Framework" is really a no sail order in disguise. It allows the CDC to approve/disapprove cruise lines plans on a whim. They can set out guidelines and when the cruise lines comply the CDC can change the guidelines for no apparent reason and the cruise lines have to start over. When the "Framework" expires the CDC simply blames the cruise lines for non-compliance and renews the "Framework". The cruise lines need to start looking at cruises that don't involve U.S. waters but close enou
  12. We are scheduled for this cruise in February 2022. With cruising pretty much shut down we decided that we might like to go back to Hawaii. We've been there 3-4 times, including both cruises and land based. We were looking at a land based vacation when I thought that if we booked far enough ahead we might also be able to throw in this cruise as a start, just for fun. We will likely fly in 3-4 days ahead of the cruise, do the cruise, then do 2 weeks on land. Looking at one week in Lahina, Maui and one week in Kona on the Big Island. A couple of places that we went to that haven
  13. We are mostly loyal to one cruise line but that was not our intent when we started out. We started with Commodore Cruise Line (no longer in existence) then went to NCL. After a couple of cruises we tried RCL before moving on to Princess. By now we knew what we preferred about cruise lines and liked Princess a touch more than NCL or RCL but didn't have a problem with cruising with any of those three given the right itinerary and price. As we continued our cruising adventures we looked at the various itineraries for places that we wanted to go and Princess always seemed
  14. I hope you have good luck with your April 2022 cruise. We have one booked for Feb. 2022 and I'm having my doubts. We had to cancel 2, 14-day B2B cruises on Princess and wondered what to do next. My wife wanted to go back to Hawaii on land and after talking it over decided to do the 7-day Pride of America preceding the land based stay. However, Hawaii now says they won't open up to cruise ships until late fall 2021 and the CDC says they can change their published rules on their whim. The CDC has made it clear that they do not want cruise ships to sail and have now lai
  15. We used the Medallion for the first time on our 14-day Caribbean cruise that ended on 3/1/20, right before the shutdown. We wore the medallion on the provided lanyard and it was not a big deal. If we didn't want it flopping around or visible in port, we simply dropped it down our shirts. My Medallion did not unlock the cabin door unless i was standing in front of it and a couple of times I had to hold the Medallion up to the screen for it to work. My wife's Medallion would unlock the door from 8-10 feet away. We did not carry our cell phones with us so we did not use any of the
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