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  1. I hope you have good luck with your April 2022 cruise. We have one booked for Feb. 2022 and I'm having my doubts. We had to cancel 2, 14-day B2B cruises on Princess and wondered what to do next. My wife wanted to go back to Hawaii on land and after talking it over decided to do the 7-day Pride of America preceding the land based stay. However, Hawaii now says they won't open up to cruise ships until late fall 2021 and the CDC says they can change their published rules on their whim. The CDC has made it clear that they do not want cruise ships to sail and have now lai
  2. We used the Medallion for the first time on our 14-day Caribbean cruise that ended on 3/1/20, right before the shutdown. We wore the medallion on the provided lanyard and it was not a big deal. If we didn't want it flopping around or visible in port, we simply dropped it down our shirts. My Medallion did not unlock the cabin door unless i was standing in front of it and a couple of times I had to hold the Medallion up to the screen for it to work. My wife's Medallion would unlock the door from 8-10 feet away. We did not carry our cell phones with us so we did not use any of the
  3. Sometime ago in my life's 72 year journey I learned that the only thing in life that remains constant is change. Like it or not, change will occur, change must occur. We have gone from the phone hanging on the wall (Yukon 2-6910) to cell phones, to cell phones with text messaging, to cell phones with cameras. In all probability, good changes. Along the way we went from young and carefree to being married, with children, then grandchildren, and to a lucky few great-grandchildren or more. All great changes to our lives. However, that entailed aging and the problems th
  4. Keep in mind that even if you "think" you can understand the legal language that the insurance contract will be written in, what you think it says and what the insurance company thinks it says might be two different things. Insurance companies don't make money by paying out claims.
  5. We like both the cruising and staying in Hawaii so we just booked a cruise on the Pride of America and will then stay about 2 weeks in Hawaii afterward. The best of both worlds.
  6. My wife and I are not new to cruising nor to Norwegian - sort of. Years ago when we were trying different cruise lines we sailed on Norwegian and really liked it. But we have not sailed on NCL since 1996. Princess became our favorite cruise line and we are in the top tier of Princess' rewards category. However, we booked B2B cruises on Princess and recently received notice that one itinerary has changed completely. So much so that we canceled both cruises. We talked it over and my wife was missing Hawaii and I thought of the Pride of America and NCL. We are now booked for a 7
  7. I cancelled our B2B cruises yesterday. I was holding out and accepting all the restrictions that were likely to be put in place but a complete itinerary change on the Baltic cruise was the tipping point. My booking shows the Norway/Iceland itinerary is still intact, but to go that far for a single cruise when airfare has doubled, it just wasn't worth it.
  8. We have two 14-day cruises booked B2B, Norway/Iceland and the Baltic cruise. We don't have much interest in the France, Spain, Portugal cruise so we are talking about cancelling both. Very disappointing.
  9. We have B2B cruises scheduled for June and July 2021. The first 2 weeks will be in Norway/Iceland and the second 2 weeks will be in the Baltics. When we first booked the ship was the Grand Princess and now it's the Regal. We had the same cabin on the Grand for both cruises but in the transfer process we have different cabins on the Regal, according to what's been posted on their website. We have received change information for the first cruise from the TA but no confirmation on the second cruise. We booked these pre-pandemic and have been holding out hope that the
  10. We are doing this cruise and then a B2B to the Baltics. We now have a cabin change instead of the same cabin for both cruises. We were originally on the Baja deck on the Grand but now are on the Caribe deck for Norway and the Riviera deck for the Baltics. We have not been notified by our travel agent of any price changes.
  11. We have been booked on 2, 14-day B2B cruises in June/July 2021, including one to the Baltics, for about a year now. We booked once the itineraries were announced. We booked an inside cabin for both cruises at a reasonable price. Since then, the virus crisis has set in and we have realized that should something occur on a ship where we would be confined to our cabin, a balcony cabin would be better than an inside. We decided to upgrade. I went to the Princess website to check approximate prices. What I found was that prices were horrendous and I would never book a 14
  12. It seems that if cruise lines wanted to prohibit those with underlying conditions from cruising, they should just say just that. Eliminate the 70 year age requirement totally. This, it seems, would negate any age discrimination lawsuit. It would also eliminate passengers of much younger ages, including a friend who had heart issues in her 20's. I had bypass surgery in my 60's and there are probably many others out there as well. However, I not only have heart disease but diabetes as well. The issue that I have is my diseases were caused by exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam a
  13. The bridge cam shows this cruise is currently in progress and in Costa Rica.
  14. My wife and I were on a B2B on Royal Caribbean out of Galveston about 5-6 years ago and we both had Noro on the first week. It struck my wife first in the middle of the night, then me about 6 hours later. The first 24 hours were bad but then it began to let up. We felt bad for the second 24 hours but better than we did for the first. At least there wasn't any more fluid being expelled like the first 24 hours. By day 3 we were back to normal and continued and completed the B2B. During the first 24 hours we advised the room steward that we were sick and that we would not be leav
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