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  1. We received our deposit back yesterday via our T/A for a cruise cancelled on 20 March. We were told at the time Oceania would be keeping NZ $800 as a credit for a future cruise which we were not particularly happy about but had to accept. I asked our T/A for a confirmation re this money as nothing on our acct. with Oceania. We received this yesterday too. Very draconian conditions, in my view, with the worst being that the credit cannot be used as a deposit. There is no future cruise the same as the one we had to cancel. The closest is shorter, $2000 pp dearer for same category and only the ch
  2. We are in complete lockdown in New Zealand. It started midnight on Wednesday 25th and will last four weeks. We have to stay in our ‘ bubble’ of household members only.Only essential services open. People have to work from home. Schools closed. We should have stopped overseas visitors coming in a couple of weeks sooner, but other than that the Govt. has done well.
  3. I guess it makes some sense for two reasons. Half the world, which you and I live in, doesn’t have half the world’s population and secondly most cases are in the Northern Hemisphere to date. So, IF, it can be contained and cases drop in the Northern Hemisphere with the onset of warmer weather, it has to be good news.
  4. Hi Sunlover 12, You mention that the ship’s shore excursions are not jam packed with 40 passengers. How many people approximately are in each group? We are new to Oceania. Thanks, Jean
  5. Hi Paulchili, I have looked at the list and some places we go to are listed but, is there a shuttle at Reykjavik for example? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the feed back on shore excursions. It seems we have a different package from most called O life ultimate which includes- for the two of us- 8 free excursions,a drink package, US$800 credit plus internet and included gratuities. So we will be booking at least 4 shore excursions each. As to how many extra we would have to book to get 25% off I am not sure but think it might be another 4 each before the discount applies. The excursions seem to be extremely expensive ( especially in NZ $) so may be looking to do our own sight seeing in some places. I understand Oceania offers
  7. Hi Flatbush Flyer, Can you tell me what is the minimum number of required excursions to qualify for the 25% discount? Thanks!
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