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  1. Stan......we did on our July cruise. They were not especially great.....way too much filler, not enough crab. We go to Tracy’s every time we are in Juneau and I don’t think that I have been too impressed with her crab cakes there either. Course with a big old succulent crab leg in front of you, who pays much attention to a measly little crab cake 😄
  2. Princess gift cards on AARP are all gone....at least, that what is indicates with "no deal found" for Princess. 😢
  3. I don’t think it will be too busy in Oct....Alaska season is over. That’s why I was hoping that Princess would use Pier 66 for our port stop. Thank you all for the info....it helps for planning our day in Seattle.
  4. Oh....thank you....I was hoping we would be using that pier (that’s 66 BTW) but could find no Info confirming it....nothing on the Seattle Port web site and no documentation from Princess.
  5. I know that cruises that embark from Seattle do so from pier 91. Our coastal in Oct on the Grand Princess has a port stop in Seattle....would they possibly use pier 66 instead so we would be closer to downtown? If not, does Princess provide a shuttle (either free or $$) into town? Anybody have any actual experience of a port stop in Seattle?
  6. I might add that the Grand’s internet on Alaska cruises is slow....very slow ☹️
  7. If you are Plat/Elite with the free minutes then yes you can exchange those minutes for a discount on one of the unlimited packages on the first day on the Grand right now. The Grand currently has 3 different unlimited packages as well as the pay/day plan.
  8. For your free embarkation night dinner at Sabatini’s for booking a suite.........could you have chosen the Crown Grill instead?
  9. Oh...I like the fluff, the pictures and the babble.
  10. Yeah, you might be right about the price but I remember telling him to get the middle package cause he didn’t need streaming and I assumed that’s what he got. Anyway.....the internet speed was slow, slower and slowest.....reminded me of how it was a few years ago. .....I burned up my free minutes just trying to keep up with email and journaling. Unlimited package is the way to go .....no stress about using your minutes 😄
  11. Hi....we just got off the Grand last week. We both got 250 free minutes as Elite but on first day DH traded his minutes in for a discount and bought the Surf package (was that what it was called? It was the middle package) for $106 (first day with discount). You can do email and surf the Internet with this package. You can stream with the higher priced one. I’m really not sure what you are limited to with the cheapest package. The package was for one sign in account which could be used on any device but only one device at a time. Our cruise was also 10 day to Alaska and Internet was slow.....best time to use it was between midnight and 6:00 am.
  12. A little confused about the “ocean” apps........does a ship have to have MedallionNet in order to be used?
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