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  1. unless you've experienced a CD like Matt you don't know what you're missing and you can't appreciate a GOOD CD from a mediocre one...one who is so energetic, friendly and outgoing makes you WANT to watch the Wake Show and attend the activities (just to watch him dance was entertaining enough for me). His enthusiasm was contagious and he made a cruise FUN.
  2. I agree....huge loss for Princess and makes me think not quite so highly of them....they had a diamond of an employee and it appears that they didn't value what they had.
  3. So sorry....I didn't pay any attention to your picture 😳 ......the bunny ears are cute.
  4. I suspect she was referring to people who go along the buffet line picking up food with their hands instead of using the utensils....I've seen passengers do this and then sometimes decide they don't want whatever it was (rolls, piece of chicken, etc) and put it back into the serving dish.
  5. It was on the Diamond Princess Aug, 2008 when Capt Nick Bates hosted the Most Travelled for a cocktail Party on the bridge. Wonderful experience.
  6. We did that one year also...it was awesome....I'm going back over my pictures to see when it was.
  7. I for one would love to see them eliminate reservations for the Anytime Dining Room. Too many times I've seen empty tables that were "reserved" just sitting there empty for a half an hour or more while a line of people are waiting outside in the "unreserved" line.
  8. still confused then......the offer is already assigned to my 2022 booking so what would my TA do?
  9. Got it....thanks for the clarification. I was a bit confused when someone said that you should tell your TA about it.
  10. This is the first time that I have received this $100 Casino Freeplay (VIP)........and it shows that it was applied to a 2022 booking that we have. I assumed that once we got on the ship there would be a casino voucher for $100 in our cabin and that I would take it to casino to redeem for free play....no?????
  11. Stan......we did on our July cruise. They were not especially great.....way too much filler, not enough crab. We go to Tracy’s every time we are in Juneau and I don’t think that I have been too impressed with her crab cakes there either. Course with a big old succulent crab leg in front of you, who pays much attention to a measly little crab cake 😄
  12. Princess gift cards on AARP are all gone....at least, that what is indicates with "no deal found" for Princess. 😢
  13. I don’t think it will be too busy in Oct....Alaska season is over. That’s why I was hoping that Princess would use Pier 66 for our port stop. Thank you all for the info....it helps for planning our day in Seattle.
  14. Oh....thank you....I was hoping we would be using that pier (that’s 66 BTW) but could find no Info confirming it....nothing on the Seattle Port web site and no documentation from Princess.
  15. I know that cruises that embark from Seattle do so from pier 91. Our coastal in Oct on the Grand Princess has a port stop in Seattle....would they possibly use pier 66 instead so we would be closer to downtown? If not, does Princess provide a shuttle (either free or $$) into town? Anybody have any actual experience of a port stop in Seattle?
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